IRCTC Sets Up Affordable Meal Counters At Major Stations. Food Price As Low As Rs. 20

Railway passengers can buy their refreshments directly from these affordable meal counters, eliminating the fuss of looking for vendors out the stations.

IRCTC Sets Up Affordable Meal Counters At Major Stations. Food Price As Low As Rs. 20

IRCTC has launched around 150 counters across the country (Representative Image)

As a part of an Indian Railways initiative, the Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has set up nearly 150 affordable meals and snacks counters at over 100 stations across the country. According to an official press release by Western Railways, this initiative ensures easy access to these meals, available at the counters conveniently located near General Second Class (GS) coaches on the platforms. The statement further reads that the Indian Railways took the step, considering the surge in passenger traffic during the summer months, especially in the unreserved coaches.

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According to a statement issued by Sumit Thakur, the chief public relations officer (PRO) of Western Railway, the counters for economical (affordable) meals are being aligned with the location of General Second (GS) Class coaches at the platforms. He further notifies that this initiative by the Indian Railways offers "a two-pronged approach".

Approach 1. Economy Meals:

These meals are priced at Rs. 20 and will provide a satisfying, affordable, and hygienic food option for passengers on the go.

Approach 2. Snack Meals:

This is for the ones looking for something light. Snacks will be available for Rs. 50, ensuring safety and hygiene to the fullest.

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In 2023, the 'affordable meal counter' was successfully launched at 51 stations, with the Railways now expanding it to over 100 stations nationwide.