Internet Showers Love On Disney Movie 'Up' Themed Cake, Viral Video Draws 148 Million Views

From innumerable balloons to the protagonist Carl Fredricksens look, the baker of this cake was very particular about the detailing.

Internet Showers Love On Disney Movie 'Up' Themed Cake, Viral Video Draws 148 Million Views

This 'Up' themed cake has impressed all viewers on Instagram. (Photo: Instagram/nameless_cake)

Who doesn't like cakes? Any celebration is incomplete until you gorge on this sweet treat. Cakes with surprising and nostalgic themes not only win hearts but also end up going viral on the next level. One such edible masterpiece is making rounds on the internet and it is way too pretty to cut. An Instagram page @nameless_cake by Evgeny Kostyuchenko shared a video capturing the process of decorating a cake based on Disney's 2009 animation film 'Up'. The clip opens to show the baker preparing the edible balloons using mouldings. He uses what looks like colourful sugar syrup and pastes the two halves together.

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Next, he layers the sponge cake with chocolate sauce and flavoured icing. He continues the process until he achieves his desired height. The baker coats the outer layer with chocolate and then covers it all with a pristine white fondant sheet. Once the cake is set, he sketches Carl Fredricksen on it. Then he goes on to fill it with edible paint. Once done with Carl Fredricksen, he pastes those balloons on top. To make it appear more realistic, he pastes edible strings and also adds cotton candy clouds. This makes it seem that Carl Fredricksen is flying, just like it happens in the film. Sharing the video, he wrote, "Up cartoon-themed cake."

The internet was truly impressed with his creation. Many called it a "work of art. An impressed viewer commented, "It's not a cake, it's a work of art! Only to admire such beauty! I will even feel sorry for eating." Another wrote, "I can't make normal cheesecakes, and here's this... damn...very beautiful!"

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"You are so talented. I would not want to cut it," lauded another. A comment read, "How perfect! I don't even have the courage to eat this work of art." One confessed, "I think it's the prettiest cake I've ever seen."

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