Here's How A Bowl Of Yogurt May Help Manage High Blood Pressure

Yogurt is also one of the healthiest superfoods you can add to your diet, it can also help manage blood pressure levels.

Here's How A Bowl Of Yogurt May Help Manage High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure occurs when the force of blood on the artery walls is higher than normal. It is one of the most prevalent disorders around the globe. According to WHO, raised blood pressure is estimated to cause 7.5 million deaths globally. If your blood pressure is anything above 130/80 mmHg over a consistent period of time, it is advised for you to seek medical intervention immediately. If raised blood pressure is not controlled, it could also lead to heart attack or stroke. Experts also suggest certain dietary tweaks, which could keep the untimely spikes at bay. For instance, you should steer clear of trans-fats and excessively salty food. Sodium disturbs the water balance in the body, which exerts a lot of pressure on the blood vessels, thereby contributing in surged blood pressure levels. Switching to home-made, healthy and nutritious foods may do wonders to keep your BP levels in check. And no, you need not look out for expensive and exotic ingredients in your kitchen, something as simple as a cooling bowl of yogurt is said to be rather effective in managing high blood pressure.


How Does Yogurt Help Manage Blood Pressure Levels

Yogurt or curd is an intrinsic part of Indian cooking. We use it generously in our gravies, whip creamy raitas, buttermilk and what not. Yogurt is also one of the healthiest superfoods out there. Especially, Greek yogurt or hung curd, which is basically just yogurt with all the whey removed. Yogurt is packed with calcium that is known to boost bone health and give us stronger teeth. According to the book 'Healing Foods' by DK Publishing House, "Calcium helps keep blood vessels more supple enabling them to expand slightly when necessary to keep blood pressure low."


High Blood Pressure: High blood pressure could also lead to heart attack or stroke

Yogurt is also a good source of potassium. Potassium helps negate the ill-effects of sodium, by making you eliminate sodium through your urine. A 100 grams serving of non-fat Greek yogurt has 141 mg of potassium. Yogurt has negligible saturated fat, which further makes it an ideal bet for high blood pressure management.

You can eat a bowl of yogurt or Greek yogurt as it is. You can also top it with some berries and seeds of your choice. You can also try some interesting varieties of raita like this delicious flaxseed raita by Chef Niru Gupta. Flaxseeds are also packed with omega-3 fatty acids, which are known to support heart health.

Try making this raita at home with this simple recipe and let us know how you liked it in the comments section below.



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