Grandma Who Charges For Family Christmas Meal Increases Prices, Here's Why

A grandmother from Wales had been charging her family for their annual Christmas dinners since 2015. She recently revealed that she had to hike the fees in 2023.

Grandma Who Charges For Family Christmas Meal Increases Prices, Here's Why

A grandmother charges her family for Christmas dinner (Stock image for representational purposes only)

Since 2015, Caroline Duddridge, a grandmother from Cardiff, Wales has been charging her family for Christmas dinners every year. Last year, the BBC reported that Caroline obliged her two sons to shell out £15 (approx INR 1500) and her three daughters £10 (approx INR 1000). She charges the former more as they work full-time, as opposed to her girls, who work part-time. Moreover, she also generally charges her four grandchildren over five £5 (approx INR 500) and her two three-year-old grandchildren £2.50. (approx INR 250). However, she has raised her prices this year, to account for the "increased cost of living and rising food prices" as per the BBC.

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"I have put the girls' prices up [this year] by £2 because I did get a bit of stick from people saying I was being sexist - not that I listen to public opinion, particularly," she told BBC Radio 5 Live. She added, "I'm not sure it will [cover the cost], because when you buy a few bits and pieces it comes to like £30 or £40 and it's barely a bag full." She has also called the rise in prices "just horrifying".

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Caroline first got the idea after her husband died in 2015, which meant that she had to make ends meet with a lowered income. She had initially started a "kitty jar" to which the family members were supposed to contribute regularly. She later switched to direct bank account transfers for greater convenience.

"There's a few out there who think I'm a bit of a Scrooge but my friends think it's quite a good idea," Caroline told BBC Radio 5 Live. The cost covers meals from Christmas Eve to Boxing Day. This includes "a mini buffet of sandwiches, a turkey or nut roast dinner with all the trimmings on Christmas Day and a choice of four desserts, and a full buffet on December 26," as reported in Metro.

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