Gordon Ramsay Fulfills Cancer Patient's Bucket List - His Gesture Impresses Internet

A girl diagnosed with cancer shared her 'bucket list', with 'meeting Chef Gordon Ramsay' being on the 12th spot. Read on to know what happened next.

Gordon Ramsay Fulfills Cancer Patient's Bucket List - His Gesture Impresses Internet

Photo Credit: Instagram/@fruitsnackmaddy

Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay is in the news again, and it is for all the right reasons. In an act of kindness, the Chef recently fulfilled one of his fan's wishes, who reportedly is being diagnosed with stage four terminal cancer. The girl, named Madison, took to social media to share her bucket list, with 'meeting Gordon Ramsay' being on the 12th spot. Moved by her story, Chef Gordon responded with a video post on Instagram, stating that he would see Madison in person.

In the video post, we could see Chef Gordon Ramsay responding to the young fan's request, "Thank you for that video. And of course, I'd love to see you and meet in person - but not just any 'Hello, Goodbye." Instead, he flew the young girl and her girlfriend down to Miami for dinner at his restaurant - Hell's Kitchen. While sharing a glimpse of the experience, the chef added, "And then the following night, be our special guest at the opening of our new restaurant Lucky Cat in South Beach."

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Watch the heart-warming video here:

The young girl, named Madison Baloy, also took to her Instagram to share snippets of her meet-up with Chef Gordon Ramsay and wrote, "The best night of my life! @gordongram thank you endlessly for giving me the biggest yes, Chef."

Gordon Ramsay, replying to the post, wrote, "What an absolute pleasure, I'm so glad you had a great time @fruitsnackmaddy. Also, it's the first time I've ever danced in my kitchen. Thanks,"

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Chef Gordon's post instantly took the social media by storm garnering more than three million views and 176k likes. Footballer David Beckham also took to the comments section to appreciate the Chef's heartfelt gesture. "Amazing and so beautiful. What a special moment @fruitsnackmaddy @gordongram," he wrote.

A person commented, "This is why Ramsay is a legend." Another person wrote, "So sweet of you Gordon! This is the reason why I love you so much! You have such a pure heart." A third comment read, "God! I love this guy."

Another comment read, "This made me cry." A person wrote, "Absolutely incredible @gordongram @fruitsnackmaddy."