Diabetes Type 2: Nuts and 4 Other Low Carb Snacks To Regulate Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetes management: Here are healthy and delicious snacks that would help regulate your blood sugar levels and manage your diabetes better

Diabetes Type 2: Nuts and 4 Other Low Carb Snacks To Regulate Blood Sugar Levels
If figures estimated by WHO is to be believed diabetes could be one of the leading killers globally by the year 2030.Diebrtes Mellitus is a condition characterised by erratic blood sugar levels. The prevalence of diabetes has been on the rise since 3 decades and is growing most rapidly in low and middle income countries. Diabetes has also been linked to obesity, and heart ailments. A latest Canadian study has claimed that eating just 60g of nuts everyday could lower diabetes patients' blood sugar. The study suggested cutting back on high-carb foods and swapping them with nuts like almonds, pistachios, walnuts and cashews to keep the blood sugar levels in check. 
This could improve blood glucose control, improve glycemic count, while also lowering patients' risk of heart disease.Diabetes management is not a cakewalk, but is not an impossible feat either. Your diet and nutrition can play a significant role in managing diabetes. 
Diabetics need to keep a strict watch on their diet, small dietary changes can go a long way in keeping the untinely spikes at bay. Eating small and healthy meals through the day and not including sugary, processed or high fattening food are key to sustainable diabetes management. Instead, find foods that perfectly combine protein, carbohydrates and fats.

Gargi Sharma , Weight Management Expert suggests healthy and delicious snacks that would help regulate your blood sugar levels and manage your diabetes better

Here Are Some Delicious Diabetic-Friendly Low Carbohydrate Snacks You Can Have To Manage Diabetes Better

1. Nuts: The crunchy, tasty and delicious nuts could prove to be very effective for diabetic patients. Nuts provide healthy fats, are rich in proteins and very low on carbohydrates. But make sure you these nuts in restricted quantities. According to a latest study, about 50 grams are enough for a day. In other words 5-6 soaked almonds and 1-2 walnuts a day should be enough. 

2. Whole grain crackers: Crackers made of cracked wheat, quinoa, rye, oats are very low on carbs and help lowering blood-glucose levels and cholesterol levels. You can eat these crackers with hung curd dressings or cottage cheese to spruce it up while not compromising on the nutritive value of the same. You can make some on your won too, here's a delicious recipe of whole grain crackers that is sure to impress. 

3. Steamed sprouts salad:  Sprouts are easy to make and very effective in lowering blood sugar spikes too. Pulses are high in protein and fiber and help in controlling blood sugar levels. Sprout some beans or kala chana. Throw in some chopped cucumber, tomatoes and cottage cheese. Sprinkle some salt and add 1tsp lemon juice. Enjoy your own sprout salad guilt-free. 

4. Yogurt with fresh vegetables: This scorching weather, yogurt is your ultimate companion to beat the heat. Raw vegetables are rich in minerals, vitamins and enzymes and yogurt is rich in protein and calcium. Combine vegetables like broccoli, carrot, celery and tomatoes with yogurt and enjoy your low carb and filling snack. 

5. Roasted chana and moong lentils: Not a fan of boiled and steamed food? No worries. Take a host of protein rich pulses and roast them. Roasted chana and moong lentils make for an ideal low carb snack not just for diabetes, but for those looking to shed a pound or two too. 

Got more interesting low carb snack ideas to share? Do write to us in the comments section. 


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