Diabetes Management: How To Make Karela Juice To Regulate Blood Sugar Levels

It is recommended for people with diabetes to invest in foods that are high on fibre and low in glycemic index. Karela, or bitter gourd, is one of them and it's juice may help regulate blood sugar levels!

Diabetes Management: How To Make Karela Juice To Regulate Blood Sugar Levels

By the year 2030, diabetes is expected to be the seventh largest killer across globe. Diabetes is a condition marked by elevated blood glucose levels. There are many types of diabetes; type 1, type 2, prediabetes, and gestational diabetes. Lack of awareness and late diagnosis often makes it difficult for people to manage the condition. Erratic fluctuations in blood sugar levels can give rise to a bevy of health conditions such as obesity, kidney failure, and severe heart ailments. While researchers around the world are working to design mechanisms that can reverse diabetes, till now diabetes patients are advised to look after their diet and take prescribed medicines which can curb fluctuations. Your diet is very closely linked to diabetes management. Taking foods that are high on simple carbs, and saturated fats can cause the blood sugar levels to surge. It is always recommended for  a diabetic to invest in foods that are high on fibre and low in glycemic index. Karela or bitter gourd is one of them. You can add them to your curries, have them steamed or juice them. There are several benefits of karela juice and it is considered to be a very effective tonic to manage diabetes. 

Why Is Karela Juice So Effective For Diabetes Management? 

Benefits of karela juice are aplenty and it is an excellent beverage for diabetics. Bitter gourd helps regulate the blood sugar level in your body. Bangalore-based Nutritionist Dr. Anju Sood explains, "Karela juice makes your insulin active. When your insulin is active, your sugar would be used adequately and not convert into fat, which would eventually help in weight loss too"
According to studies, bitter gourd has a few active substances with anti-diabetic properties. One of them is charantin, which is famous for its blood glucose-lowering effect. Bitter gourd contains an insulin-like compound called Polypeptide-p or p-insulin which has been shown to control diabetes naturally. These substances either work individually or together to help reduce blood sugar levels.

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How to make bitter gourd or Karela juice? 

1. Peel the bitter gourd with the help of a knife. 
2. Slice the bitter gourd to the centre. 
3. Once you are done slicing, scoop out the white flesh and the seeds of the vegetable.Now, take the bitter gourd and cut them into tiny pieces. Soak the pieces in cold water for about 30 minutes.
4. Add bitter gourd pieces to a juicer and add half teaspoon salt and lemon juice. Blend the ingredients well till you get a fine consistency.
5. Take a strainer or cheese cloth, place it on your glass or tumbler and pour the juice from the blender into the glass.


Pro tip: If it gets too bitter for your palate, you can sprinkle a bit of chaat masala into your juice too.