Chef Vikas Khanna Hosts Dinner For Ektaa Kapoor - What's On Menu?

Chef Vikas Khanna gave us a sneak peek into the special dinner party he organised for Ektaa Kapoor. Read on.

Chef Vikas Khanna Hosts Dinner For Ektaa Kapoor - What's On Menu?

Chef Vikas Khanna hosts dinner for Ektaa Kapoor

Director and producer Ektaa Kapoor recently made the headlines as she was conferred with the prestigious Directorate Award at the 51st International Emmy Awards. With this, she became the first Indian woman filmmaker to receive an Emmy. To celebrate her achievemenet, Chef Vikas Khanna threw her a special dinner party in New York. Now, he took to Instagram to give us a sneak peek into the elaborate menu that he cooked all by himself. Alongside, the chef penned a heartfelt note for Ektaa Kapoor's big win. Let's take a look.

"Happy Thanksgiving every day," he begins the post, adding, "When Ektaa Kapoor was honoured with the International Emmy Award, I was getting very emotional and proud. I walked her to the stage that she earned and just in a few moments she proved the grit and authenticity of her journey and victory."

Chef Vikas also related Ektaa Kapoor's achievement with filmmaker Guneet Monga's Oscar win. "I have seen hundreds of Award shows, but this hit me hard....just like Guneet Monga Kapoor Winning the Oscar," he wrote.

"There were no fake accents, no struggle to be validated, no over-the-top patronization to be much pride." he added.

The chef then went on to share the special menu he curated to mark Ektaa Kapoor's achievement.

Here's what Chef Vikas Khanna had on the menu:

1. Coconut Squash Soup with Panch Poran

2. Roasted Asparagus with homemade feta cheese.

3. Purple Brussel Sprouts

3. Salmon with butter berries sauce

4. Chicken & roasted pineapple warm salad

5. Garlicky-peanuts Broccoli

6. Whole-wheat khameri naans

7. Stuffed Mango dessert

8. Chenna poda with cherry ice cream

9. American Sikh Cookies

9. Lemon-saffron ade

10. Atta-Gur Halwa

11. Watermelon Radish, Buttermilk dressing, Walnut crust with Bandel cheese.

12. Kumquat Pickle

Sound's delicious and exquisite, right? Now take a look at the post featuring some moments from the indulgent evening.

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Earlier, Ektaa Kapoor shared a story on Instagram, thanking Chef Vikas Khanna for the lavish meal. "Last night dinner with the master chef Vikas Khanna! From my heart to my stomach, we were full of love!! Thank you for the warmth and hospitality!!! Hope to see u in Bombay soon," she wrote. Click here for the detailed news.