"Worst Photoshop Ever": Naomi Campbell Criticised For Her De-Aging Oscar Image

For some outrageous de-aging on the latest photo she posted from the Oscars after-party, supermodel Naomi Campbell has come under fire.

'Worst Photoshop Ever': Naomi Campbell Criticised For Her De-Aging Oscar Image

The picture appeared to be heavily retouched.

Visual effects techniques have been used by actors, models, and celebrities for so long that there is nothing new in them. The desire to appear younger has prompted many to undergo Botox treatment as well. Recently, English model and actress Naomi Campbell has faced criticism from her social media followers for an edited image she posted on her Instagram account.

According to Page Six, the supermodel is facing backlash for posting a series of seemingly heavily edited photos from the 2023 Oscars.

Although the actress looked gorgeous at the Vanity Fair afterparty, viewers of her Instagram photos quickly noticed that they were quite different from the raw shots that were taken on the red carpet.

"#VF #oscars .. thank you to my team on this last minute dash to #LA," she captioned a slideshow of images from the evening.

She shared a picture of herself from the side taken at the party, and it was clearly visible that major de-aging had been done on the picture.

Many followers were shocked by the photo retouching and requested that the model publish the unaltered photos so they could "normalise aging."

"The first picture is the worst photoshopped picture I've ever seen," commented a user.

Another follower commented, "Please delete the first photo, you looked amazing without Photoshop!" You don't need to edit your photos!"

"God didn't give you enough? You are gorgeous, and the untouched photos are stunning and real. A gorgeous woman growing wiser and setting the tone for the rest of us.You don't need Photoshop or filters. You are naturally stunning. I loved the first one before it was ruined. You are magical, just like you are!" commented a third user.