This Article is From May 04, 2023

Mystery Surrounding The Bridge In Mona Lisa Painting "Solved", Claims Historian

The "Mona Lisa" is a portrait painted by Leonardo da Vinci in the 16th century and is possibly the most well-known artwork ever created.

Mystery Surrounding The Bridge In Mona Lisa Painting 'Solved', Claims Historian

Leonardo painted the Mona Lisa in Florence.

A stone bridge seen in the backdrop of the Mona Lisa painting has now been identified by an Italian art researcher, ending the enigma surrounding it.

According to The Guardian, the Italian historian Silvano Vinceti said he had no doubt that the Romito di Laterina bridge in the province of Arezzo was what Leonardo had painted into the countryside landscape behind the enigmatic Mona Lisa, which would end a mystery that has fuelled countless disputes over the years.

The news outlet further reported that Leonardo painted the Mona Lisa in Florence in the early 16th century, and just like the distant background, much rumour surrounds the identity of the woman depicted in the oil painting, who is generally accepted to be Lisa del Giocondo.

In the past, theories have suggested that the bridge is either Ponte Bobbio in the northern Italian city of Piacenza or Ponte Buriano, which is close to Laterina.

According to The Metro, Laterina's mayor, Simona Neri, said Mr. Vinceti's theory caused a lot of excitement in her town of just over 3,500 people.

She said, "We need to try to protect what's left of the bridge, which will require funding." There'll be some rivalry; we'll need to put a poster up.'

The Mona Lisa was painted between 1503 and 1519, the year of da Vinci's death.

Leonardo da Vinci, was a polymath, an artist who mastered several disciplines, including sculpture, drawing, music, and painting, but also engineering, anatomy, botany, and architecture.

Unfortunately, a climate change protester dressed as an elderly woman targeted the "Mona Lisa," which has been the most well-known painting in history, with a pastry attack last year.