Zeenat Aman On Ageing Gracefully: "On A Physical Level, It Isn't That Extraordinary"

On the work front, Zeenat Aman will be next seen in Bun Tikki

Zeenat Aman On Ageing Gracefully: 'On A Physical Level, It Isn't That Extraordinary'

Zeenat Aman shared this image. (courtesy: thezeenataman)

New Delhi:

Zeenat Aman's detailed Instagram captions often share insights into her life and perspective. In a recent post, the 72-year-old star reflected on the concept of ageing gracefully, noting that while it may not be extraordinary on a physical level, it is more challenging in terms of emotion and conduct. Accompanying her thoughts is a black and white picture featuring a "Griselda inspired look." In her caption, Zeenat Aman wrote, “I am often told that I have aged gracefully. On a physical level, it isn't that extraordinary. The rarified atmosphere of stardom is geared precisely towards this purpose. Any “star” you see has a team of people in the wings - nutritionists, personal trainers, make up artists, hair stylists, clothes stylists, dermatologists, dentists, sometimes cosmetic surgeons and more - working frantically to smooth their hair, erase their wrinkles, cinch their waist, and doll them up, all while the star themself projects nonchalance.”

Addressing the importance of emotion and conduct, Zeenat Aman added, “Now aging gracefully in emotion and conduct. That's the tricky one. I know that being famous, or “on trend” as they say, invariably invites clout chasers and those desperate for a modicum of your relevance to rub off on them any which way. So what if it involves blatant lies! It's just surprising when such behaviour comes from someone you expected better from. I wish I could say most people leave these idiotic antics behind in their youth, but alas that's not the case.”

“Oh well, nothing really new here. It's the same story, just a different year. So you may as well admire my Griselda inspired look,” wrote Zeenat Aman,  concluding the note.

Writer and director Tanuja Chandra was among the first ones to comment on Zeenat Aman's post. She wrote, “What a fab note. As always. And what a gorgeous photograph.”

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On the work front, Zeenat Aman will be next seen in Bun TikkiThe Faraz Arif Ansari directorial also stars Abhay Deol and Shabana Azmi in pivotal roles.