A Glimpse Of Zeenat Aman, Dressed In Pink, In Her Vanity Van

Zeenat Aman, whose face remains hidden from the camera, is seen intently reading 

A Glimpse Of Zeenat Aman, Dressed In Pink, In Her Vanity Van

Zeenat Aman shared this image. (courtesy: ZeenatAman)

New Delhi:

Let us admit it – we are always happy to get a Zeenat Aman update. Now, thanks to photographer Tanya Agarwal, we have received a glimpse of the veteran actress at work. An Instagram Stories posted by Tanya and reshared by Zeenat Aman shows the actress sitting in her vanity room. The actress is dressed in a pair of pink pants and matching top. She is seen intently reading some papers. Her face remains hidden from the camera but the aura, as usual, is unmatched. Along with the image, Tanya Agarwal wrote: “ZA in her vanity,” and tagged the actress, with a burning heart emoji.

Check out the photo here:

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Meanwhile, earlier this month, Zeenat Aman celebrated her one-year Instagram anniversary. On the special occasion, the actress reflected on her social media journey. In a poignant [as always] note, Zeenat Aman said: "People presume that transformative experiences are the prerogative of the young. My experience tells me otherwise. 365 days ago my kids cajoled me into uploading my first Instagram post. That little leap of faith forced me to confront my deep tech trepidations and even deeper need for privacy. Then it gifted me a transformative year. It showed me the possibilities of being true to myself, publicly. No agents, no managers, no bought followers – just the kids and I winging it! Oh, and what kids they are. If you wonder how I navigate Instagram or know the latest lingo, the answer lies with my informal little band of millennials.”

Leaving the fans with something to ponder over, Zeenat Aman added: “So, here's a thought from this septuagenarian – transformations demand that we embrace the unknown. And there's really no age limit to when you can transform your life. Happy one-year anniversary to you and I. Please eat a slice of cake on my behalf today. P.S.: Just like my first post, this one too was shot in my garden by @tanya.agarwall_ just yesterday. The clothes are from my closet, and I did my own hair and makeup of course.”

Interestingly, Zeenat Aman's first set of photos on Instagram was also clicked by Tanya Agarwal.  Take a look:

On the work front, Zeenat Aman will be seen next in Bun Tikki.