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Yuvraj Singh, Hazel Keech 'Premiere League:' Details About 10-Day Wedding

Yuvraj Singh, Hazel Keech 'Premiere League:' Details About 10-Day Wedding

Yuvraj Singh and Hazel Keech will also have a wedding in Goa (courtesy: yuvisofficial )


  • Yuvraj Singh and Hazel Keech will get married on November 30
  • Yuvraj Singh has personally invited PM Modi to the wedding
  • Yuvraj shared pics from the Mehendi ceremony on Tuesday
New Delhi: Wedding bells are just a day away for Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh and model-actress Hazel Keech, who are all set to get married on Wednesday in Yuvi's hometown Chandigarh. The Sikh wedding will be followed by another wedding ceremony in accordance with Hindu rituals in Goa on December 2. The duo kicked off their 'new innings' together with a mehendi ceremony on Tuesday while the sangeet and grand reception are scheduled for December 5 and December 7 respectively, with New Delhi as the venue. Bride-to-be Hazel revealed intricate details about the much-talked about 'Yuvraj Hazel Premiere League' (yes, that's what they have decided to name the 10-day journey) in an interview with the wedding planners .

Yuvraj Singh, 34 and Hazel Keech, 29, will get married at Dera of Baba Ram Singh Ganduan Wale in Duffera, Fatehgarh Sahib on Wednesday.

In an interview with , Hazel opened up and revealed her mixed feelings about embracing Punjabi rituals, Yuvraj as a 100% Punjabi munda, the 10-day long wedding itinerary and finally, the honeymoon destination. Hazel said that the arrangements were mostly supervised by her and Yuvraj's mother Shabnam Singh because: "Half of the time, Yuvi was busy playing cricket. He obviously had limited capacity and time," as told to

Hazel explained why the couple wanted the wedding ceremonies to be a close-knit affair and the reception party to be as grand as ever. "We are both very simple and quiet people. But when I say 'quiet' I mean intimate. You cannot expect Yuvraj to be quiet, after all he is Punjabi. We initially had planned it to be intimate; the Goa section was supposed to be very private with just 100 people, the Chandigarh wedding was also supposed to be very intimate with 100-150 people. We have kept functions that are bigger and grander for people who would come to meet and greet us, people who we have to call. We had a nice mix of both but now with all the information in public, everything is doubled (even the security) as things have gone a little out of hand. And although we are simple people at heart, we have not been able to have that moment or time for ourselves for any of the functions," she told Apart from a close-knit yet stellar guest list, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been personally invited by Yuvraj and his mother.

The Chandigarh wedding will have a rich Punjabi flavour while a Mauritian theme will predominate the one in Goa. "Chandigarh has been kept very Punjabi; Goa has been kept a little more western with that hint of Mauritius and Delhi is kept as desi as it can be. People have Alice in Wonderland themes but we definitely don't," quoted Hazel.

Talking about her brush with the Sikh culture, Hazel told "I am still very confused. The only thing I know is that they have really good Prasad."

Ahead of the wedding, both Yuvraj and Hazel are in two minds about opting for an adventurous or a lazy honeymoon. "I would still stick to Hawaii because I love to surf and over there it's quite easy. So, I am desperately trying to get him along the ocean with me and surf. But that's a different thing. When Yuvi is playing cricket, he works so hard but when he is on a holiday, he wants to do nothing. He becomes a vegetable. So we are having a little bit of a discussion between us whether to be adventurous or be very, very lazy," Hazel told

Meanwhile on Tuesday, Yuvraj shared pictures from the mehendi ceremony in Chandigarh. He also asked for blessings for their 'new innings' together.

Starting a new innings today ! Thank you for your love please bless the couple @hazelkeechofficial

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