What's Really Fun About Ranveer Singh's Fashion? The Trolling, the Memes

What's Really Fun About Ranveer Singh's Fashion? The Trolling, the Memes

Ranveer Singh photographed at the Mumbai airport and GQ Best Dressed Men 2015 Awards.

Mumbai: If you, like so many others, have seen and been amazed by Ranveer Singh's many sartorial expressions - worry not, you are not alone.

Turns out, his family and friends are as guilty of it as the rest of us. Yes, especially when it comes to what he considers appropriate airport attire. He recounts, "When I got trolled for the airport, they (the family) all sent me the troll memes." Clearly, close friend and co-star Deepika Padukone did too, as she tried to remember the tagline, "Tolerance, intolerance? Which was it?"

And actually, as Deepika is quick to remind us, we're actually spoilt for choice. "That's still tame," she said, "What about the one he wore to the GQ Best Dressed Awards?"


She's encouraging of both. "That's his personality and why would I discourage that? And I'm sorry, but I'm going to take credit for the Sylvester shoes." Apparently, he has quite the collection "Scooby Doo, Tom and Jerry, Mario and Luigi."

And not just the online memes, the gifs, the not-always-flattering commentary don't bother Ranveer either. "I swear I do not put or apply as much thought into what I'm going to wear, as much as it gets written and spoken about."

But he enjoys the results: "The really funny stuff (online) is the trolling. The hate that comes my way, I find that really fun. I read stuff that comes in from really hardcore fans of other actors and I find that really hilarious."

Well, we already knew he had a sense of humour.

It's nice to see how far it goes!