What Sunny Leone Said When Asked About Changing Diapers

"Now, with the arrival of our two sons, the house is going to be on fire," said Sunny Leone

What Sunny Leone Said When Asked About Changing Diapers

Sunny Leone's big happy family (courtesy sunnyleone)

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  1. "I think I am doing really well (as a parent)," said Sunny
  2. "And so is Daniel," she added
  3. "We are discovering something new every day," she added
Sunny Leone, who is in India for work commitments, has her heart all the way back home in Los Angeles because for her, home is where her family is. The 36-year-old actress and her husband Daniel Weber are parents to three children - twins Asher and Noah (who were born via surrogacy this year) and Nisha (who was adopted last year), who are currently in Los Angeles. In an interview with mid-day, the actress-mother opened up about her newfound duties of being a parent and said: "I don't want to praise myself, but I think I am doing really well and so is Daniel." This was Sunny Leone's response when asked about "changing diapers" and "mommy duties", reported mid-day.

She added that being parents is like an adventurous journey for Sunny and Daniel: "We never had any experience of handling infants. We adopted Nisha when she was 21 months old, so we are new to the infancy stage. But now, we are managing and discovering something new every day," mid-day quoted her as saying.

This is how she announced the news about having welcomed twins:


When asked about if Daniel is on point with his duties as a father, Sunny told mid-day: "He is hands-on as a father. In fact, we sometimes fight about who is going to wake Nisha up, or get her ready," and added that with the arrival of the twins, she's expecting major changes in the household, just like this one: "Now, with the arrival of our two sons, the house is going to be on fire."

Sunny Leone, who has many a times revealed she wanted to expand her family, said that it all happened so quickly - "In eight months, we had three kids." The couple were notified about the IVF transfer of her twins the same day they received confirmation about Nisha's adoption - June 21 last year. "The amazing thing is that Nisha shows empathy towards the twins, it's nice to see her acting as an elder sister," added Sunny.

"Daniel and I make sure we spend some time during the day only with Nisha, without the twins around, as we don't want her to feel neglected," mid-day quoted the actress as saying.

Sunny Leone is best known for having featured in songs like Baby Doll, Laila Main Laila and Piya More. She was last seen in Tera Intezaar and is also looking forward to her Tamil debut with Veeramadevi.

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