Want to be Shaandaar? Never Make First Move With Guys, Says Alia

Want to be Shaandaar? Never Make First Move With Guys, Says Alia

Alia promotes Shaandaar in Mumbai on August 28

Mumbai: Actress Alia Bhatt is clear about not making the first move if she likes a guy, a rule which she wants girls to follow in their life.

"I've never made the first move. That's the art for all the girls - Never make the first move," she said at an promotional event for her forthcoming film for Shaandaar themed "first moves" where her co-star Shahid Kapoor was also present.

But Alia said she made the first move on Shahid, but that wasn't for love. "First move can also be for friendships. I made the first move on Shahid, we're friends."

Alia wanted to talk only about Shahid though she will now work opposite Shah Rukh Khan in a film. "Right now, I'm only doing a film with Shahid Kapoor which is releasing on the October 22. So the only man I want to talk about is Shahid," she said.

Sharing tips on how to make the first move, she said, "When you make the first move, you don't want to try too hard. And this is what being a Shaandaar is all about. It's very easy, simple."

She also said that during the course of Shaandaar, there weren't too many first moves made on her, just "average" approaches. Also sharing how unwanted first moves from guys can be avoided, she told girls to be polite and use their smile and body language to convey it across to the guy. Using the right smileys, and not laughing too much or standing too close to them are some other tips from Alia to dismiss such first moves.

Directed by Vikas Bahl, Shaandaar will hit the screens on October 2.