Viral: 'TikTok Ki Madhubala' Takes Over The Internet, Says It Was 'Just For Fun'

Priyanka Kandwal, rechristened by the Internet as 'TikTok ki Madhubala', said, "Didn't think people would really appreciate."

Viral: 'TikTok Ki Madhubala' Takes Over The Internet, Says It Was 'Just For Fun'

Priyanka Kandwal styles herself as Madhubala for the TikTok videos. (Image courtesy: priyankakandwal)


  • Priyanka Kandwal shared videos in which she lip-syncs Madhubala's songs
  • "You resemble Madhubala a lot," wrote a Twitter user
  • "Definitely she is magic, so no comparison. It's just for fun," she said
New Delhi:

TikTok user Priyanka Kandwal became an overnight Internet sensation after videos of her lip-syncing old songs picturised on Madhubala went viral. Reason? Well, the Internet has given her a new moniker 'TikTok Ki Madhubala' which explains everything. Priyanka Kandwal also shared some of the videos on Twitter, in which she can be seen singing songs like Haal Kaisa Hai Janaab Ka from Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi, Achha Ji Main Haari from Kala Pani and Dekhne Mein Bhola Hai from Bambai Ka Babu. Made in black-and-white frame, Priyanka Kandwal styled herself much like the late actress. A Twitter user commented on one of the videos, "You resemble Madhubala a lot... Your gestures, smile and looks... Amazing," while another added, "Man this girl looks like Madhubala at first glance.'

In one of the tweets, she addressed her fans for comparing her with Madhubala and said, "Thank you everyone for liking my videos on Madhubala ji's songs. Definitely she is magic, so no comparison. It's just for fun. I made these videos without thinking that you people would really appreciate."

Here are some videos of 'TikTok ki Madhubala' which are now viral:


Before making her full-fledged Bollywood debut in 1947 film Neel Kamal, Madhubala featured as a child artiste in movies such as Basant, Mumtaz Mahal and Phoolwari. In a career spanning 22 years, Madhubala appeared in more than 70 films, of which her best-known works include Mughal-e-Azam, Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi, Barsaat Ki Raat and Mr & Mrs '55.

Last year, on International Women's Day, The New York Times published obituaries of 15 "remarkable women" and among them was Madhubala. The piece compared her to Marilyn Monroe and an excerpt of it read: "She died... as an icon of beauty and tragedy - her dazzling career, unhappy love life and fatal illness more dramatic than any movie she starred in."