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Vidya Balan Reveals This Childhood Incident Was The Cause Of Her Hormonal Issues: "I Was So Angry"

"Ive always competed with the boys," Vidya said

Vidya Balan Reveals This Childhood Incident Was The Cause Of Her Hormonal Issues: 'I Was So Angry'

Image was Instagrammed by Vidya Balan. (Courtesy: balanvidya )

New Delhi:

Vidya Balan, who is gearing up for her theatrical release Neeyat alongside Rahul Bose, recently revealed in a podcast that she owes the hormonal issues in her body to a scarring event from her younger days. In an appearance in Ranveer Allahbadia's podcast, the Parineeta actress spoke about a conversation that took place many years ago between her father and uncle, which became the root cause of her hormonal issues and also marked the beginning of her denying her femininity.

Recalling the incident, Vidya Balan said "I remember a conversation between my uncle and my father, when my uncle told my father, ‘Don't worry, my son will be there for you until…' I was so angry because we were sitting there, both of us, my sister and me. And we were like, ‘We don't need anyone else's son to be there for our father'. We are both, by God's grace, able-bodied and able-minded, we don't need anyone else.”

Vidya Balan also acknowledged that in all probability, her uncle did not mean what he said but it left a deep impact on her. “I've always competed with the boys,” she said, adding that it gave her ambition, but it also made her ‘deny (her) femininity'.

The actress also explained in detail the hormonal issues she faced in the aftermath of the above incident. Talking to Ranveer about it, Vidya said, "PCOD and hormonal issues come from a deep rejection of the feminine. I think I always wanted to be better than a boy. I think my mother wanted a boy, because she'd already had my sister, and she'd just mentioned it to me… But more than that, it was the way the boys around me were treated. Of course, it's just my parents, my sister Priya and me in my family, but even in the extended family, there was an extra something accorded to the boys, and that I couldn't quite understand."

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Last night, Vidya Balan was pictured on the red carpet for the screening of her thriller film Neeyat alongside her husband Siddharth Roy Kapoor. For the event, Vidya Balan slipped into a bronze skirt and teamed it with a black blazer.

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In an interview with Pinkvilla, Vidya Balan described her first meeting with Siddharth as "Lust at first sight." She said,  "I think it was lust at first sight. Of course, there's an emotional connection, but at first, it's a physical attraction. He is the most good-looking man I know." Vidya Balan also added that she has found her parents' qualities in Siddharth. "He is the most secure man I ever met. I have seen my very secure father. And we look to our parents as our partner. So, what drew me towards him is how secure he was. He is very private but very authentic."

Vidya Balan's new movie Neeyat is slated to release in the theatres on July 7.