The Reason Behind Uorfi Javed's Swollen Face: "Fillers Nahi Hai, Allergies Hai"

Uorfi Javed has appeared in many daily soaps including Saat Phero Ki Hera Pherie, Daayan, and Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

The Reason Behind Uorfi Javed's Swollen Face: 'Fillers Nahi Hai,  Allergies Hai'

Image instagrammed by Uorfi Javed. (courtesy: UorfiJaved)

New Delhi:

Uorfi Javed has shared a series of selfies on Instagram, highlighting her swollen face. In the caption, Uorfi addressed trolls who claimed she had gone “overboard” with fillers. The influencer clarified that she is suffering from “major allergies.” She wrote, “I've been getting so many remarks with my face that I've gone overboard with my fillers! I have major major allergies , my face is swollen most of the time. I wake up like this every second day, and my face is always swollen. I'm always in extreme discomfort. Fillers nahi hai guys, allergies hai . [It's not fillers, guys, it's allergies.]”

Sharing an update regarding the treatment, Uorfi Javed added, “Immunotherapy chalu hai [Immunotherapy is going on] but if you next see me with swollen face. Just know I'm going through one of those bad allergy days , I've not gotten anything done except of course my usual fillers and Botox which I've been getting since I was 18. If you see my face swollen don't advise me not to get more fillers just sympathise and move on.” Reacting to Uorfi's post, actress Sambhavna Seth wrote, “Take care Uorfi.”

Check out her post below:

Uorfi Javed also reshared the same post in her Instagram Stories to explain “the point” behind posting the pictures. She wrote, “The point of this post - If you see my face swollen it's not fillers, it's allergies so do not advice me to not get fillers!” 

Meanwhile, a few days ago, Uorfi Javed opened up about the challenges of working in the television industry. In an interview with TellyMasala, she said, “It's not like TV gives you everything. It is the hard work of an actor too. It is not easy to work in the TV industry. There are a lot of insults involved too. Some production houses treat you like f***g s*it! Please I do not want to glorify that TV has given me everything, TV is not a god. A person becomes who they are because of their hard work. No one talks about the treatment some production houses give you. I have literally cried oceans. (sic)” 

Uorfi Javed has appeared in many daily soaps including Saat Phero Ki Hera Pherie, Daayan, and Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai.