This Article is From Jun 25, 2015

Tom Holland as Spider-Man is the New Batffleck. Twitter Hates Him

Tom Holland as Spider-Man is the New Batffleck. Twitter Hates Him

This image was posted on Instagram by Tom Holland

New Delhi: Actor Andrew Garfield has been jettisoned and a new Spider-Man drafted in per intricacies of the Sony-Marvel deal, but 19-year-old Brit Tom Holland's casting has been greeted by dismay, fury and everything in between.

For starters, people wanted to know who this Tom Holland was anyway. The grumbling was only briefly quelled when a Google search revealed him to be the young actor who played Naomi Watts' son in 2012 tsunami drama The Impossible, the youthful George Cromwell in British TV show Wolf Hall and the lead role in the West End version of Billy Elliot The Musical. (Also Read: 19-Year-Old British Actor Tom Holland Cast as the New Spider-Man)

Any debate about Tom's acting credentials that might have been generated may have subsided but Twitter is still not happy. It has a lot to say, none of it good. Just as Ben Affleck had been instantly pronounced unfit for duty as the new Batman, doubt has been cast on Tom Holland's assumption of the role. (Also Read: Marvel Replaces Peter Parker With Mixed Race Spider-Man, On Screen He's Still White)

Mostly, fans are angry that Spider-Man is still the teenaged and white Peter Parker (Marvel just announced that the mixed race Miles Morales would replace Peter as the main Spidey).

Actor Josh Gad was among those who weighed in:

Aam aadmi comments included:

Tom Holland will appear in a standalone Spidey film that's scheduled for 2017, and also in the third Captain America movie titled Civil War.