The Calendar Girls Say Film Does Not Show Pakistan in 'Bad Light'

The Calendar Girls Say Film Does Not Show Pakistan in 'Bad Light'

Madhur Bhandarkar and the cast of Calendar Girls during the Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations in Mumbai on September 17

Bengaluru: Avani Modi and Ruhi Singh, the lead actresses of Madhur Bhandarkar's Calendar Girls, say the film has not shown Pakistan and its citizens in bad light and people 'should watch the movie in totality' before being judgemental about it. (Also Read: Calendar Girls Not Anti-Pakistan: Madhur Bhandarkar )

"We have not shown a Pakistani girl in a bad light. We request the government and Pakistanis to watch the film in totality and then pass their judgement," the actresses told PTI.

The country has reportedly banned the movie over a controversial dialogue delivered by Avani, who plays a model hailing from Lahore. The film's trailer shows people protesting against the right of a Pakistani model to work in India. It also features Avani voicing the dialogue, "Pakistani girls also do bold things like others and sometimes more than others."

"In fact, Pakistan and its people should watch the film because the character narrates the story of Pakistani artistes who suffer emotional pain in India due to political rivalry both countries are entangled in," Avani said.

When asked whether the controversy would help the film to do well at the box office, Ruhi said, "I hope it does help the film. Controversies are part and parcel of Bhandarkar's films as he is a realistic film-maker."

Avani revealed she underwent Urdu diction training to play the role. "I do not know how to read and write Urdu, but I can understand and can talk. I have learnt Urdu, which helped me play the Pakistani character without much difficulty."

When asked how she got into the skin of the character, the actress said she picked up the style and behaviour of the girls by attending a workshop.

Ruhi, who plays a highly-ambitious Rohtak girl, said of her character, "Mayuri Chauhan (her character) is an extension of Ruhi- that's me because I react the same way as she does in a lot of situations."