Sumbul Touqeer To Those Trolling Abdu Rozik: "They Are Jealous Of His Success"

"I know that he will shine brighter," said Sumbul Touqeer

Sumbul Touqeer To Those Trolling Abdu Rozik: 'They Are Jealous Of His Success'

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New Delhi:

Tajikistani singer and former Bigg Boss 16contestant Abdu Rozik recently announced the news of his engagement. Soon after, the singer was subjected to incessant trolling, which led Abdu to put out a statement, shutting down his trolls. Now his Bigg Boss 16 co-contestant and close friend Sumbul Touqeer have extended her support to him. Talking to Hindustan Times, she said, "Abdu is a great guy. I have known him for a while now. He is one of the most hardworking artists that I know. It's sad that trolls are targeting him. Ofcourse he deserves love and happiness. Why wouldn't he? Those who are trolling Abdu are jealous of his success and all that he is achieving. I know that he will shine brighter.”

A few days back, Abdu Rozik revealed that Salman Khan will attend his wedding in Sharjah in a recent interview with News 18. Abdu Rozik, who got engaged to Amira earlier this month, told News 18, "Salman Khan called me up. He said, 'Congratulations on your wedding. I love you so much'. He told me that it was his wish to see me getting married. He blessed me. He told me that he would come for my wedding and that we would have fun." Abdu Rozik announced his engagement to Amira through an Instagram post though he didn't reveal his fiance's face.

In an earlier interview with Hindustan Times, Abdu shared details about his would-be-wife. Abdu told Hindustan Times, "Her name is Amira and she is 19 years old. She is studying business administration in a university in Sharjah. She lives here and we both will make our home together here only. She is the most beautiful girl I have ever met."

Abdu's wedding is set to take place in July 7 in Sharjah. Abdu didn't reveal much details of the wedding preparations. However, he confirmed to News 18, his many celebrity friends will attend the wedding.