This Article is From May 29, 2020

Sonu Sood's Old Mumbai Local Pass Goes Viral; "Full Circle," He Tweets

Sonu Sood's train pass, issued against a sum of Rs 420, was valid between the stations Borivali and Churchgate.

Sonu Sood's Old Mumbai Local Pass Goes Viral; 'Full Circle,' He Tweets

A fan shared this with Sonu Sood on Twitter (courtesy SonuSood)


  • Twitter is flooded with a viral pic of Sonu Sood's Mumbai local pass
  • Sonu Sood responded to a tweet with this message: "Life is a full circle"
  • "Real struggle," several fans wrote while sharing the viral photo
New Delhi:

A photo of Sonu Sood's Mumbai local pass from the Nineties has gone crazy viral and sent Twitter into a meltdown on Friday. The viral photo features a train pass issued in Sonu Sood's name for travelling in Mumbai locals with March 1998 as the expiry month, and also an ID for Eastern Railways, issued in July 1997, when Sonu Sood was just 24. As fans have been sharing the photo in tweets about "real struggle" all of Friday morning, Sonu Sood had an emotional moment on Twitter. Sonu Sood's monthly pass, issued against a sum of Rs 420, was valid between the stations Borivali and Churchgate. "The one who has struggled for real can only understand the pain of others. Once, Sonu Sood used to travel with the Rs 420 local train pass," said a user, who shared the photo. Sharing the user's tweet, Sonu Sood could only tweet these words: "Life is a full circle."

The actor has been hailed as a hero on Twitter for his constant efforts to reunite stranded migrants with their families. The 46-year-old actor has been arranging buses and food for migrants, who have been walking home since the lockdown was imposed earlier in March. Apart from launching a toll free helpline, the actor has also been actively responding to messages on Twitter, promptly asking those in need of assistance to share their details so that he can reach out to them and send them home safely.

Sonu Sood's Twitter is filled with such interesting interactions. Recently, when a fan enquired about Sonu Sood's sleep cycle, citing his prompt responses to messages, the actor wrote he'll get a good night's sleep once each one of the stranded migrants reach their homes.

The Dabangg actor also won hearts on the Internet for his response to a tweet asking if he can be termed as the next Rajinikanth of the film industry. "Will always be a common man," the actor had replied.

Sonu Sood's response to a user requesting him to transport her to a parlour amid the lockdown also cracked up the Internet.

Last month, Sonu Sood had offered his hotel in Mumbai for healthcare professionals to stay in. Sonu Sood recently arranged for a special flight to transport 177 stranded girls from Kochi to Bhubaneshwar.