This Article is From Dec 02, 2015

Sonali Bendre's Dilemma is to Act or Not to Act. Her Solution is...

Sonali Bendre's Dilemma is to Act or Not to Act. Her Solution is...

Sonali Bendre photographed at an event in Mumbai.

Mumbai: Actress Sonali Bendre is quite content taking a sabbatical from acting, which she says is both "tedious" and "joy".

The 40-year-old actress, who took a break from movies after giving birth to her son in 2005, was last seen on TV show Ajeeb Daastaan Hai Ye.

"Last year I did a fiction show which was all about acting. I think I am quite happy to take a break from it. It's very tedious," Sonali said in an interview.

"Acting has its own joy where you're playing a different character without actually bearing the consequences of being that person. That's a great place to be in and for an actor it's the best thing," she said. (Also Read: The Faith in Our Stars: Sonali Bendre, Amitabh Bachchan, Anil Kapoor Make TV Big)

The Sarfarosh actress made a special appearance in the 2013 film Once Upon Ay Time in Mumbai Dobaara!, starring Akshay Kumar, Imran Khan and Sonakshi Sinha.

She will now be seen as a judge in a reality show for children, which she finds easier to shoot as she can spend time with her family too.

"It (acting) takes a certain amount of time. This (the show) I do one day a week. We try and work around the kids' timings. When you have to shoot for one day in a week according to the kids' schedule, you can adjust easily. But not working every day. I think my child also needs me," she said.

Ever since her break from acting, Sonali has mostly been seen as a judge in various reality TV shows and the actress said that was something which "just happened."

"I never thought I would be doing judging, it just happened. I think I came in with certain honesty. If there is something I don't know, I say it. I am human," she said.

"Sometimes I feel the decision I am taking might be wrong, but right now my heart says this. Sometimes it goes wrong too. I can't be expected to be right every time. I need to be honest and truthful to myself," she said.