"Shah Rukh Khan Would Visit Slums At Night To Meet His Staff Member's Family," Reveals Comedian

Sunil Pal said, "Shah Rukh Khan used to visit his house once in every 4-6 months"

'Shah Rukh Khan Would Visit Slums At Night To Meet His Staff Member's Family,' Reveals Comedian

Image instagrammed by Pooja Dadlani. (courtesy: PoojaDadlani)

New Delhi:

Comedian Sunil Pal recently shared an anecdote about Shah Rukh Khan in his interview with Bollywood Bubble. He claimed that Shah Rukh khan would visit the slums to meet one of his staff member's family. Sunil said that SRK would quietly visit late at night during special occasions. Sunil Pal told Bollywood Bubble, "Shah Rukh's boy Subhash, now he is no more, he used to live in my slum, where I used to live on rent. Shah Rukh Khan used to visit his house once in every 4-6 months. If it was his kid's birthday or if there was some other occasion, he used to visit. He would come after 12 or 1 in the night, when it was dark. He would come silently, stay for 10-15 minutes and leave."

Sunil Pal also shared his fond memories of meeting Shah Rukh Khan in Singapore, where he presented his act in front of him. "We went for a tour to Singapore where the Morani brothers paid me Rs 20,000. There was a show held in a stadium there and I remember after the event Shah Rukh introduced every artist, including me, to the audience. Ganesh Hegde was also present there. He told me to come to green room and perform in front of SRK. He entered the room with a drink and cigarette in his hand, and I started mimicking his popular dialogues in front of him," he shared.

Shah Rukh Khan has been basking in the glory of winning the IPL trophy after a decade. His co-owned team Kolkata Knight Riders beat Sunrisers Hyderabad to win their third IPL (Indian Premier League) title. Congratulating the team, Shah Rukh Khan wrote a long note. An excerpt from the note read, "To my boys.... my team.... my champs.... these blessed candles of the night" .... My Stars...of KKR. I cannot do a lot of things and you cannot do them all either...but together we manage most of them. That's what Kolkata Knight Riders stood for. Simply being together. Beyond the ability and guidance of Gautam Gambhir....the earnestness of Chandu, the love of Abhishek Nayar & leadership of Shreyas Iyer... the dedication of Tendo, Bharathi Arun, Carl Crowe& leamonnathan... this team is built on no hierarchy just pure respect for collaboration." Take a look:

In terms of work, Shah Rukh Khan was last seen in Dunki. He made a comeback with a bang with three releases in 2023.