Sachin Shroff Appears To Blame Ex-Wife Juhi Parmar For Divorce, Says She Never Loved Him

Sachin Shroff said the divorce was triggered by Juhi Parmar's lack of affection for him

Sachin Shroff Appears To Blame Ex-Wife Juhi Parmar For Divorce, Says She Never Loved Him

Sachin Shroff and Juhi Parmar were reportedly granted divorce last month (courtesy sachinshroff1)

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  1. Juhi and Sachin married in 2009
  2. They filed for divorce in December last year
  3. Juhi has the sole custody of their daughter Samairra

Months after TV star Juhi Parmar had to address rumours that her marriage to Sachin Shroff failed because of her alleged 'foul temper,' she has been blamed again for the divorce - this time directly by her ex-husband in an interview to Bombay Times in which he claims that Juhi 'was never in love' with him and that 'nothing (he) did could make her love' him. In an extraordinary statement to Bombay Times, Sachin Shroff said, "The divorce happened with mutual consent, amicably and in a dignified manner. Unfortunately, and by Juhi's own public admission, she was never in love with me."

In more passive-aggressive claims, Sachin added that his efforts to improve his rapport with Juhi were not reciprocated at all: "One-sided relationships are doomed from the beginning. It's said, 'It's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all'. But the fact is that it hurts to have been in a loveless marriage. Nothing I did could make Juhi love me," Bombay Times quoted Sachin as saying.

Sachin Shroff's attempt to absolve himself of any blame and point fingers at Juhi Parmar brings to mind the statement actor Hrithik Roshan released in 2013 when announcing he and Sussanne Khan were separating. It began: "Sussanne (Khan Roshan) has decided to separate from me and end our 17-year relationship," seeming to place unilateral responsibility for the split on Ms Khan, for which the actor was severely criticised.

Juhi Parmar and Sachin Shroff married in 2009 and filed for divorce in December last year - they are parents to daughter Samairra, custody of whom has been granted to Juhi after the divorce. The couple reportedly divorced last month.

In a previous interview to the same publication, Juhi had cited incompatibility as the sole reason for the break-up. "Our marriage didn't work from the beginning. Incompatibility drew us apart; we could never be on the same page. Our backgrounds, mindsets, outlook and expectations from life were completely different. We tried our best, but our differences were irrevocable," Juhi said earlier this year. Soon after the news about their separation broke, the actress was also blamed for being ill-tempered in numerous reports but she set the record straight telling Bombay Times: "I do not have a foul temper. I'm just a transparent person who calls a spade a spade and I'm proud of being an honest and fearless person in today's times."

In his recent interview, Sachin, who can visit his daughter twice a week, added: "It is heart-breaking to not live with her, but I would rather have Samairra see us apart and happy. It's better than us living together for the sake of convention, buried in bitterness and fights."

The report also added that while dealing with a broken marriage, Sachin's troubles were aggravated as he was diagnosed with Sciatica and his mother's health had also deteriorated. Talking about his present condition, he said: "I am still healing emotionally, as I was deeply in love."

Sachin Shroff debuted on the small screen with Sinndoor Tere Naam Ka and has also featured in shows like Balika Vadhu, Banoo Main Teri Dulhann and Naagin. Together, Juhi and Sachin have participated in reality shows such as Pati Patni Aur Who and Maa Exchange.

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