Romance Can Wait. Genelia D'Souza And Riteish Deshmukh, Please Make Room For This Cutie-Pie First

Did you think the duo's couple goals were strong enough to resist a furball's love? This video will surprise you.

Romance Can Wait. Genelia D'Souza And Riteish Deshmukh, Please Make Room For This Cutie-Pie First

Genelia and Riteish in a stil from her ROFL video (courtesy geneliad)


  • Genelia shared an adorable video on Instagram
  • The video also features her furry friend - a pet Golden Retriever
  • Riteish Deshmukh's expressions in the video are priceless
New Delhi:

There's no lack of dog memes on social media and you'll agree we still can't get over them. These furry ones have sniffed and sneaked into relationship-based cartoons and comic strips. Now, there's no way to extract these cute intruders from stepping into real relationships as well, and Riteish Deshmukh can feel the truth in these words. One fine day, the actor made up his mind to kiss his wife, actress  Genelia D'Souza, but a dog stole the kiss and left Riteish quite distressed. Don't believe us? We've got proof.

Genelia shared a video on her Instagram, showing this farcical situation. While the song ILY (I Love You Baby) played, Riteish and Genelia are seen playfully aiming for a kiss. It could have been a mushy romantic Reels. But, the couple is known for a funny twist to their romantic videos and we can't say we didn't suspect that. The twist, here, was brought by a hefty golden retriever who was lurking behind the couple for the first few seconds of the video. The moment it came forward, we could just not lift our eyes from it.

While the two actors are on the verge of kissing in the video, their furry friend comes forward and starts licking them both on their chin and cheeks. Soon, Genelia bursts into laughter and hugs the dog. She can't help but start petting the pooch. What next? We see the furball enjoying Genelia's caresses and kisses while Riteish pulls a long face and watches them both.

But, we are glad that Riteish received his share of licks from their pet and also a peck on the cheek from Genelia. Meanwhile, Riteish too couldn't help adore Genelia's joy in having the dog's company. If she weren't that happy, she wouldn't be so helpless with laughter. In the end, she almost fell from giggling. 

The actress often shares fun videos on Instagram. A few days ago, she shared one where she is with her girl gang. The caption read, “When a shooting happens after forever and the girl gang is back.” They are seen in a peppy mood, grooving to a tune while focussing on Genelia's makeover.

Genelia had also shared the news of dying her hair in a wine-red hue through Reels.

Here's another video where she lip-synced with the rap song Little Bit and showed us her “bratty” self.

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