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RJ Anmol's "Shocking" Yet Filmy Proposal To Amrita Rao, Live On-Air

RJ Anmol and Amrita Rao shared the story as part of their Instagram video series, Couple Of Things

RJ Anmol's 'Shocking' Yet Filmy Proposal To Amrita Rao, Live On-Air

Amrita Rao shared this photo. (Image courtesy: amrita_rao_insta)


  • The radio jockey shared how he confessed his feelings for the actress
  • He was live on his radio show in the middle of the night
  • He played one of Amrita Rao's favourite songs before proposing to her
New Delhi:

Most fans of Bollywood films often dream of a proposal like those shown in the movies - grand and magical. It looks like RJ Anmol clearly got the memo because this was exactly what he did when he professed his love for Amrita Rao. The radio jockey and presenter shared that he confessed his feelings for the actress while he was live on his radio show in the middle of the night. Taking us back to the special moment, RJ Anmol and Amrita Rao shared details as part of their Instagram video series, Couple Of Things. In the clip, Anmol reveals that he proposed to the diva by wooing her with her favourite song, with presumably the whole of Mumbai city listening in.

Recreating the moment, RJ Anmol is seen sitting at his radio console in the latest clip. He says, “Raat ka waqt tha and I was live on my radio show.”

Amrita Rao then chips in to say, “Mai shoot se waapas aakar Anmol ko radio pe sun rahi thi. Hum dost the magar us din laga aaj message karu toh thoda zyaada nahi hoga (I had returned from my shoot and was listening to him on the radio. We were friends but I wondered whether it would be a bit much to text him that day)?”

Just then, RJ Anmol reveals that he received a message from Amrita saying that she was listening to him. Asking her to listen for five more minutes, Anmol set up her favourite song, Chaandi Raat.

He then announced live on the show, “Aaj ki raat apni dil ki baat usse kehne wala hu jo sun rahi hai iss waqt. Tum bhi agar aise hi kuch sochti ho mere baare mei, toh call kardena. Mai haa samaj lunga (Today I am conveying my feelings to the one listening. If you feel the same, call me. I will consider it a yes),” adding, “I proposed to my beauty, live on radio.”

“Can you believe he proposed to me live, on the radio? Pura shehar sun raha tha (The whole city was listening),” Amrita exclaims at the end of the clip.

Along with the clip, the caption reads, “RJ Anmol's shocking proposal to Amrita…Kabhi kisiko propose kiya hain (Ever proposed to anyone)? It's not easy .. takes a lot of nerves... Aur woh bhi kisi film star ko propose karna ho toh (That too, a film star)? Anmol ney mujhe propose kiya (Anmol proposed to me) the most unexpected and unique style.”

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 On Wednesday, as Amrita Rao's hit film Vivah completed 15 years, RJ Anmol recalled what his mother had said about the film when she saw it. His mother, Anmol said, had asked him to find a bahu (daughter-in-law) like Poonam, Amrita Rao's character in the film. 

In the post, he wrote, “This day, in 2006, I saw Vivah with my family, in a theatre (Delhi)… After the film, My mother said, 'Bahu lana toh aisi lana [Find a daughter-in-law like Poonam]'." Well, he did follow his mother's instructions to a tee, didn't he!

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On another occasion, the couple also shared with fans a story about their car that witnessed their relationship grow from friendship to courtship.

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Amrita Rao and RJ Anmol have been married since 2016. They welcomed their son Veer in 2020.