Karan Johar's Advice To Stars On Fee Demands: "Understand The Times"

Entourage cost is "not the real issue," said Karan Johar

Karan Johar shared this image. (courtesy: karanjohar)

New Delhi:

Karan Johar attended the trailer launch event of his upcoming production Kill in Mumbai on Wednesday evening. The filmmaker talked about the entourage costs that are rising in the industry. During the event, Karan Johar was asked about the rising entourage cost of the actors and how it has affected the film industry. "The entourage cost is the least of our problems. It's the main remuneration of the actors that has to be looked into. And I feel it's very critical for all the actors to understand exactly how the times are, how the climate of our movies are, how tough and difficult it is to maneuver through making a massive motion picture of any magnitude and size. Because it is very difficult," said the filmmaker.

Elaborating on the additional costs involved in the process of filmmaking, KJo said, "It is very difficult, there are so many costs- the PnA (Publicity and advertising) costs and if the above the line cost, which is what comes from the actors, is not viable, then it becomes impossible to mount a film. "

Karan Johar also emphasised that the actors need to reevaluate the fees they demand. "Every single movie star today has to review what they're asking for because many a time there would be certain producers that will pay that money because they want to make that film but it will eventually really cause a lot of damage to the entire system and the ecosystem," said Karan Johar.

Entourage cost is "not the real issue," KJo added, explaining that it is in fact the "mothership cost" that is the problem. "So it is really, truly, they can take all the entourage they want while it is adding to the cost, it is not the real issue. The real issue is their mothership cost. They've to look at that. There can be backend deals, percentage of profits, there can be slabs of box office as per performance based remuneration. All that is possible, but every actor has to really look within because a lot of them are not really in touch with reality," Karan Johar said at the event.