Prabhas' Shout Out To Prithviraj On Aadujeevitham Release Day: "To Many More Well-Deserved Victories"

Aadujeevitham aka Goat Life has been helmed by Blessy

Prabhas' Shout Out To Prithviraj On Aadujeevitham Release Day: 'To Many More Well-Deserved Victories'

Prabhas and Prithviraj in a still from Salaar. (courtesy: YouTube)

Malayalam superstar Prithviraj and director Blessy's 16-year cinematic journey has culminated today [March 28], with the release of Aadujeevitham aka Goat Life. The film is an adaptation of the 2008  novel Aadujeevitham by Benyamin, which is based on the real-life survival tale of a Malayali immigrant worker Najeeb Muhammad. Prithviraj's amazing transformation for the film – the actor lost 31 kilograms for the project – and the stellar trailer has already piqued the audience's interest. Fellow celebrities too have only words of praise for Prithviraj and the team. A case in point is the actor's Salaar co-star Prabhas, who shared a poster of the film on Instagram Stories and wrote: “ Keep on shining, @therealprithvi! I've seen your dedication firsthand, and I know how hard you have worked on this film. Here's to many more well-deserved victories ahead!”

Earlier too, Prabhas had shared another poster of the film on Instagram Stories praising Prithviraj. He wrote: “My brother @therealprithvi, what have you done!!! I can't believe it's the same person who played Varadharaja Mannar. Congrats and all the best, brother. Looking forward to #TheGoatLife with lots of love. Blockbuster is loading.” Prithviraj, in turn, thanked Prabhas, “Thank you Deva! See you in the battlefield soon #Shourangyaparvam,” referring to the sequel of their film Salaar.

Check out Prabhas' latest post here:

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Ahead of the film's release, Prithviraj's wife, producer Supriya Menon Prithviraj shared a bunch of BTS moments from the film sets. The images and videos feature the superstar in his Najeeb avatar. In her post, Supriya also referred to the time when the team was also stranded in the Wadi Rum desert in Jordan for 60 days from March to May, due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions in 2020.

Sharing the post, she wrote: “What do you call a 16 year journey that's culminating tomorrow? I've known @therealprithvi since 2006 November and been married to him since 2011. I have seen him thru many many films. But nothing like this ever before. I've seen you thru the crazy fasting days where you've been Hangry constantly, watch you drop weight, feel too tired and weak. When the whole world was together during covid, we were apart, talking thru patchy internet during the few precious seconds when you had enough bandwidth in the desert camp. The missed opportunities in various other languages due to this one film. Thru it all you maintained focus, this was the journey you chose to undertake for the sake of art and all that it stood for you. Along with @blessyofficial and all the others you took this journey featuring mind, body and spirit to embody the life of one man on screen. As all your efforts draw to a fruition tomorrow ( 28th March) I have only one thing to say, the dedication that you show is unparalleled and unmatched in my eyes. And I wish you all the success and love from the people at large who watch this beautiful piece of art. You always are The G.O.A.T in my eyes!”

To this, Prithviraj replied with heart emojis.

In addition to Prithviraj, the film also stars Amala Paul and Jimmy Jean-Louis in important roles.