Ranveer Singh's Weird And Wonderful Style In 10 Looks

The actor is a favourite among fans for his unique sense of fashion.

Ranveer Singh's Weird And Wonderful Style In 10 Looks

Ranveer Singh shared this picture.(Image courtesy: ranveersingh)

New Delhi:

Happy Birthday, Ranveer Singh. There is no denying that Ranveer is always the talk of the town. When he is not impressing cinema lovers with his impeccable acting skills, fans are talking about his infectious energy and irresistible charm. But if there is one facet of Ranveer Singh that people love to talk about: his distinct sense of fashion. From skirts to suits, Ranveer has worn them all. Though the actor was trolled mercilessly for his unique fashion sensibilities initially, even his worst critics have warmed up to his style, which can best be described as unabashed, unapologetic and unfiltered. 

On this birthday, we have curated 10 of his most striking fashion statements. Check it out: 

1) Ranveer Goes Gucci

Ranveer stormed the fashion world with this ensemble. Ranveer's long hair, a statement bag and a golden multi-chained neckpiece gave him an androgynous look.

2)Radioactive Ranveer

Gender fluidity screams out of this draped silhouette. The high-shine foil box coat blew off paparazzi and those huge goggles kept him playful.  

3)Retro Man

With Ranveer's sultry curls falling on his forehead and the red-tinted glasses, who wouldn't mistake him for a 70's sensation in this billowing shirt?

4)Street Smart

Black graffiti tee, textured bucket hat and lavender trousers. Could Ranveer get more street smart here?

5)Bohemian Rover

In this Bohemian attire, the gorgeous moon-and-stars brocade stands against the chequered sleeves. The beige hat and the sunglasses add to Ranveer's playful vibes.

6)Colour Splash

Ranveer doesn't shy away from colours, even in formals. Here's the fashion king, in a fluorescent trench coat over his suited-booted mien. Notice the edgy goggles.

7)The Samurai 

For his samurai avatar at the IIFA 2019, the actor picked a Moschino grey suit with a red drape crossing through it. 

8)Floral Pants

Ranveer's caption to this photo read, “Hear colours. See sounds.” His fashion statements are as complex as that caption. Look at him in these gender-fluid floral pants and zany cat-eye glasses.

9)Man In Pink

In this baby-pink baggy shirt, flared pants and a denim cap, the Bollywood star wears a laid-back appearance.

10) Vogue Cover

Ranveer's 2018 Vogue India Cover photo had puzzled us more than pleasing us. After all, he was heralding a fresh fashion standard with funky colours, boxer shorts and sci-fi glasses.

Let us know which one is your favourite in the comments.