This Article is From Jan 28, 2019

On Manikarnika Row, Kangana Ranaut's Sister Tweets To Krish Again: 'Officially Declare She Shot 70 Per Cent Of The Film'

Rangoli Chandel in a string of tweets declared that it was Kangana Ranaut who had shot 70 per cent of the film

On Manikarnika Row, Kangana Ranaut's Sister Tweets To Krish Again: 'Officially Declare She Shot 70 Per Cent Of The Film'

Kangana Ranaut in a still from Manikarnika (Image courtesy Instagram)


  • "Writer's team requested Kangana to take charge," Rangoli wrote
  • Krish said that 70 per cent of the final version was filmed by him
  • Manikarnika hit the screens last week
New Delhi:

Hours after Kangana Ranaut's sister Rangoli Chandel posted blistering note on Twitter for Manikarnika co-director Krish as a response to his remarks about the actress taking credit as the primary director of the film, in a string of tweets she hit back at the filmmaker once again saying that everything is on record and it will take minutes to "burst his bubble". In the tweets, Rangoli "declared" that it was Kangana who had shot 70 per cent of the film and if Krish could prove otherwise, the actress is ready to apologise to him. "I have spoken to Kangana and on her behalf I am officially declaring Kangana shot 70 per cent of the film (drama and action) with her primary Director Of Photography Kiran Deohans , 2nd DOP Sachin K Krishn and took 100 per cent final calls on edit with Rameshwar who Krish never met in his life," Rangoli tweeted.


"Even current post team does not know anything about Krish. They have been brought on board by Kangana. She single-handedly delivered first copy to her producer. If Krish can prove otherwise she will apologise and take her name back," she further wrote.


Rangoli Chandel, who is also Kangana's manager, has been on a tweeting spree after the release of Manikarnika on Friday. Rangoli also added that the studio head had refused to attach his logo to the film after he watched the initial shots of Manikarnika, which was filmed by Krish. Following this incident, members from the writers' team urged Kangana to take charge of the situation. "When the studio head saw what was shot he refused to give his logo to that film ... team (writers) requested Kangana to take charge of the situation and the studio reimbursed more money," Rangoli tweeted.


In several interviews that most of the final version of Manikarnika was filmed by him. In a recent interview to IANS, Krish had said that more than 70 per cent of his work has been retained in the final version of the film. He added that he had been silent so far for the sake of his film. "I remained quiet until the release. I had to remain quiet for the sake of the film and for the entire team which worked so hard on the film. But now, if I don't speak about what Kangana did to the film I'd be doing a disservice to all our hard work... I'd say what I directed was pure gold. Kangana turned it into silver. I had to set the record straight. I needed a proper closure for my film. Manikarnika is my baby," Krish told IANS.

Krish also alleged in the interview that Sonu Sood's ouster from the film was "just to satisfy her ego." "Kangana decided to re-shoot Sonu's entire portion. He had shot for 30 days! So you can imagine what she wanted to remove. I remember when she saw the first cut - the first thing she said even before praising the film was, 'Sonu Sood is too overpowering, na?' She did her own thing with Sonu Sood's role just to satisfy her ego," he added.

Manikarnika also stars Atul Agnihotri, Ankita Lokhande and Jisshu Sengupta. The film has collected over Rs 40 crore in three days.