This Article is From Nov 12, 2021

Between Schitt's Creek And F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Mira Rajput Picked...

Mira Rajput shared the fun video and asked her fans to send in more questions

Between Schitt's Creek And F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Mira Rajput Picked...

Mira Rajput in a still from the video. (courtesy mira.kapoor)


  • Mira Rajput took the This Or That Challenge
  • She was also asked to pick between Mumbai and Delhi
  • "We've just gotten started... ask me more," she wrote
New Delhi:

Mira Rajput is a certified social media star and there is no denying this. From posting the best of throwback pictures to dropping some serious - and sustainable - fashion tips, Mira Rajput has been winning the Internet game for a while now. Adding to her list of social media wins, Mira Rajput, who is married to actor Shahid Kapoor, took the “This Or That” challenge on Friday, much to her fans' delight. The questions that ranged from her preferred city to her favourite form of exercise, gave fans a bit more insight into Mira Rajput's lifestyle choices. Sharing the video, Mira Rajput wrote, “This or That? We've just gotten started… ask me more.”

In Mira Rajput's take on the viral challenge, the first question asked her to choose between Mumbai and Delhi. And, the mother of two, who was brought up in Delhi, opted for Mumbai as her pick between the two cities. And, between sweet and savoury dishes, Mira Rajput confessed that she prefers spice over sugar. 

Instagram followers of Mira Rajput know that she is a huge Schitts' Creek fan. So it came as no surprise that she chose the series over the popular 90's classic F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

The fitness freak that she is, Mira Rajput could not choose between strength training and yoga, since she loved both. But when it came to the Keto diet and the low-fat diet, both trends were a big no-no for her. For the final question, Mira Rajput was asked to choose between heels and flats and she was quick to pick flats. For the video, she chose the Marshmello x Jonas Brothers song, Leave Before You Love Me to play in the background.

On Thursday, Mira Rajput also shared tips on Instagram on how she tackled a nagging migraine. The diva gathered that she had developed migraine due to exercising in the peak sun. Sharing details, she wrote, “I had a migraine a few days ago thanks to training mid-day. I've noticed when I train in the peak sun (regardless of season) I'm down with an annoying headache that sets in not a minute later after I've stepped out of the shower. Despite hydration and stable sugar levels, it's annoying how it kicks my day out of whack…”

Offering a solution that worked for her, Mira Rajput said, “One of the hacks I have figured is this Channa-Sek. It's essentially Kaala Channa (black chickpeas) toasted on the tava wrapped up in a cloth napkin. Nicely warm, once placed on the eyes gives enormous relief. The channa easily fall into the crevices of the eye region (like those tiny marbles in eye pillows) and can be reused and re-toasted several times. Now, I am not sure whether it's the gentle pressure on the eyes, or the warmth (strange because Pitta aggravation seeks cooling) or some funny kind of placebo effect that I have fallen prey to, but it works every time.”

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On another occasion, Mira Rajput also shared with fans a “Get Ready With Me: Travel Edition” video, where she discussed how she likes to dress up while she is on the move.

We love all the content Mira Rajput is curating for her Instafam and cannot wait to see what else she has up her sleeves.