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Mahesh Babu on Brahmotsavam and His Choice of Roles

Mahesh Babu on Brahmotsavam and His Choice of Roles

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  • The release date of Mahesh Babu's Brahmotsavam will be revealed soon
  • I'm extremely passionate about my job, says Mahesh Babu
  • I'm more than happy with Srimanthudu's performance, says Mahesh Babu
Mumbai: Actor Mahesh Babu, known for successful movies like Pokiri, Athadu, Dookudu and Srimanthudu, said that he is "extremely passionate" about acting.

Excerpts from an interview:

Ques: : Your new film Brahmotsavam has generated a huge amount of curiosity and interest. Tell us about it.

Mahesh Babu: : Brahmotsavam is a love story set in a family backdrop. It's all about relationships people have on different levels.

Ques: At this stage of your career, do you seek roles that challenge you as an actor. Does Brahmotsavam do that?

Mahesh Babu: I don't think challenge is the right word to use. Any film I do needs to excite me at a script level. Brahmotsavam is something different yet again for me in terms of a character that I play.

Ques: Why has the film's release date been uncertain for a long time? What is the final release date?

Mahesh Babu: As of now our audio release is scheduled for May 6. Then we will officially announce the release date.

Ques: Were you satisfied with the way your last release Srimanthudu performed at the box office?

Mahesh Babu: Srimanthudu is a film very close to my heart. It's my first production and I'm more than happy with its performance at the box office.

Ques: Lately, there has been a huge controversy in the Telugu film industry regarding distributors who apparently demand compensations for losses suffered when a film flops. What is your opinion on this issue?

Mahesh Babu: I prefer to believe it's my responsibility if a film of mine works or doesn't work.

Ques: After 16 years as a leading man in Telugu cinema, are you looking at broadening your horizons?

Mahesh Babu: At the moment, acting is what I love doing. And I'm extremely passionate about my job. I haven't really given a thought to anything else yet.