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Kushal Tandon Helps Jennifer Winget In Beyhadh Fire Scene After She 'Froze'

Kushal Tandon Helps Jennifer Winget In Beyhadh Fire Scene After She 'Froze'

Kushal Tandon and Jennifer Winget play the leads in Beyhadh(Courtesy: therealkushaltandon)


  • Jennifer and Kushal were filming a scene in a burning wedding mandap
  • Jennifer 'froze', prompting Kushal to go back and drag her
  • Nobody from the action unit helped Jennifer, Kushal claimed on Instagram
New Delhi: A scene in which TV actor Kushal Tandon rescues co-star Jennifer Winget from a fire swiftly became terrifyingly real while filming the serial Beyhadh. According to a post on Kushal's Instagram, the shoot involved a wedding scene in which the mandap catches fire with the bride and groom - Jennifer and Kushal - in it. The video that Kushal posted shows the mandap in flames while 'action' is called - as the fire seems to rage around them, Jennifer and Kushal exchange garlands. Kushal then exits the burning mandap hastily - but Jennifer, rooted to the spot in apparent fear, doesn't. Kushal then rushes back and drags Jennifer out as the fire extinguisher is pressed into action. It seems, as Kushal's explanation says, that Jennifer 'just froze.' Nobody from the action unit came to the actress' help, reveals her rescuer. "Thank you God to give me the strength and ability to think at the time and run and get her first," writes Kushal, adding that he was 'terrified at the time.'

Kushal wrote that he had seen similar situation in films and imagined saving a damsel in distress from a fire and this time 'it actually happened.'

Watch Kushal Tandon's video here:

Later in a tweet, Jennifer Winget, 31, thanked Kushal for pulling her to safety: "I owe you big time. You saved my life."

Twitter is of the belief that the entire sequence was a publicity stunt. Replying to one of the tweets, Kushal, an alumnus of Bigg Boss, disputed this allegation and revealed that he had suffered burns while saving Jennifer.

Jennifer Winget and Kushal Tandon play the leads in Beyhadh. The serial tells the story of a woman named Maya, played by Jennifer, who is obsessed with Kushal, who features as Arjun.