What Gul Panag Felt After "Hot Humid Run" On A Sunday Morning

Gul Panag’s inspirational note on the joy of running will motivate you to put on your running shoes and sprint

What Gul Panag Felt After 'Hot Humid Run' On A Sunday Morning

Gul Panag shared this photo. (Image courtesy: gulpanag)


  • "Running makes me feel the best right after," wrote Gul Panag
  • "It's the 'runners' high' I suppose," she added
  • "But it's also the ability to be alone with myself," she added
New Delhi:

Actress Gul Panag is a fitness enthusiast who strives hard to remain fit and healthy at all times. On Sunday, the actress posted a picture of herself on her Instagram timeline, showing off her toned figure in her workout clothes. She also made sure to add a spark of joy to our dull Sunday with her dimpled smile. Along with the picture, Gul Panag penned a motivational note in the caption. In it, she opens up about her favourite form of fitness – running. She writes, “I realise that of all the disciplines of fitness I pursue ( HIIT, Strength, Yoga, Tennis, Badminton, Swimming), running makes me FEEL the best right after.”  She further says that she probably enjoys running the most probably because of the “runners high”. However, she also believes that she enjoys running as it gives her the opportunity to be alone with herself and her thoughts.

In a long caption, among other things, she says, “It's also the ability to be alone with myself that allows me to talk to myself. Discuss my problems with myself and find solutions to them. It's like a session with the therapist.” Gul Panag's love for running is such that she self-admittedly plans her whole day around her run, as well as writes columns in her head while she runs. How cool is that right? 

Read the complete note here.

Gul Panag often gives her fans and followers glimpses into her life through very honest and inspirational posts. Previously, she opened up about her life and spoke about facing bad days as well, just like the rest of us.

In a post on Instagram, Gul shared a picture of herself that she says was taken on one such bad day. In the caption, the actress wrote at length about the struggles of life and that it's not always about “joy and achievement and goal accomplishment.” In the post, she further adds the need to normalise having bad days saying, “I also get overwhelmed. I also feel helpless and hopeless at times. I also go into a room and cry.” 

She also states that despite a bad day she has found ways for herself to cope with them. On days when she feels low, Gul Panag reiterates that her love for running helps her and states that it makes her feel better. She says, “I have some tools that I've acquired over the years that help me cope on bad days. One is to go for a run."

Gul Panag is a former Miss India and participated in the Miss Universe 1999 pageant. She made her  Bollywood debut in 2003 in the film Dhoop. She has also starred in films like Dor, Manorama Six Feet Under, and Straight, among others. The actress was last seen in the Amazon Prime Video web series Paatal Lok, in which she co-starred with Jaideep Ahlawat.