"Dear Opinion," Karan Johar Would Like You To "Take Sundays Off"

Karan Johar's name recently cropped up in connection to Alia Bhatt's Met Gala debut

'Dear Opinion,' Karan Johar Would Like You To 'Take Sundays Off'

Image was shared by Karan Johar. (courtesy: karanjohar)

Karan Johar has shared a a cryptic post, addressed to "Opinion" but without specifying whose or on what. KJo, whose name recently cropped up in connection to Alia Bhatt's Met Gala debut, suggested that said "Opinion" should take a break on Sundays. "Dear Opinion, I know you work 365 days a year...relentlessly..but my request is for you to take Sundays off... exhaustingly yours, receiving end," Karan Johar wrote in an Instagram Story.

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For "Opinion," substitute trolls? While Karan Johar did not provide context to his post, it's not hard to join the dots. The filmmaker, who has repeatedly been criticized for what is perceived as promoting nepotism, was once again at the "receiving end" (to use his words) after it was revealed that Alia Bhatt's Met Gala story began with him. Designer Prabal Gurung, who escorted Alia at the Met Gala and whose creation she wore, wrote in an Instagram post that he and Alia had first met at Karan Johar's 40th birthday party.

 Take a look at Prabal Gurung's post:

Karan Johar's post comes a few days after, the director, in an elaborate note, broke down the meaning of the word punctuality.  Karan said, “So…. The wonderful thing about Punctuality is that it doesn't require a natural talent, a degree or even a parental or an employer's sanction…. It's NOT an art form that we inherit through generations…It's simple basic manners….respect for other people's time and therefore respecting them as well…. Pure unadulterated respect…” He continued, “Landing up 15 minutes late without a murmur of an apology or an overcompensating happy visage reeks of entitlement and defensiveness…”

Highlighting the “ever popular” excuse, Karan Johar added, “Then the ever popular one…” too much traffic “ …Do you live in New Zealand??? No this is INDIA…. Check the population status baby! We are densely populated….So here's what you do…… LEAVE EARLY!!!!! The very very worst one is when they don't show up and don't even send a message with a grovelling apology! This last sect of time offenders must be struck off your list forever …..#saynototardy”

Anil Kapoor's wife Sunita Kapoor was among the first to leave a comment under the post. She said, “Absolutely.”

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Karan Johar has been quite active on his social media recently. A few days back, he was seen praising veteran actress Zeenat Aman for keeping it reel on Instagram. He wrote: "Zeenat Aman is everything Instagram is not. Real, vulnerable and so damn honest." Responding to Karan Johar's Instagram story, Zeenat Aman wrote: "Such a lovely story to wake up to. Thank you for your kind words Karan Johar. I wish you and your little ones every happiness and success."

On the work front, Karan Johar is all set to make a comeback as a director with Rocky Aur Rani Ki Premi Kahani.