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Blog: 5 Reasons Why Veere Di Wedding Didn't Entertain Me

Bad films come in different packages, and that's the reason a lot of times people walk out of cinema halls hugely disappointed. It's always tough to judge a movie after seeing the promos. A film marketing teams job is to pitch it and pack it in such a way that you the viewer ends up going to the movie hall. Once you have bought the ticket, you can walk out smiling or disappointed; their job is done - you have contributed to their kitty. Since the game is all about the weekend collections, it's crucial for the producers to rake in the moolah as soon as possible. Veere Di Wedding had a lot going for it. With names like Kareena Kapoor Khan, Sonam Kapoor and Swara Bhasker, they managed to drum up enough publicity to keep the film in the headlines since #SonamKiShaadi till the release date. The makers got the right kind of songs from popular composers. The promos and trailers looked slick and made it look like a fun ride. Well, the film turned out to be very disappointing.

Here are five reasons why Veere Di Wedding turned out to be disappointing.

1) The Story Is Weak

It's a film about four friends who are in different situations. The story leads up to Kalindi (Kareena Kapoor's) wedding. Four friends meet after many years and try and help each other, most problems are related to matrimony. The plot is paper thin. The pitch of the first girl gang movie is good enough. When films like Dil Chahta Hai and Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara can be all about male friendship, there should be a female version of these films as well. Earlier this year, Richa Chadha and Kalki Koechlin acted in a film called Jia Aur Jia and the same rhetoric was heard even then - why should guys have all the fun? The question is right. But in a film, does it matter if boys go on a holiday or girls? In a movie, entertainment is all that matters. ZNMD and Dil Chahta Hai had enough of that and a lot of drama.

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2) Do Girls Just Jump Around?

Well, I am sure girls have a lot of fun on their holidays, with their friends. But in this movie, they wake up and start jumping on the bed. There are no real conversations, no heart-to-heart talk and not even real fun. Scenes that look like fun are stitched together. After a serious fight, the girls are immediately seen holidaying on foreign shores.

3) Abusing To Be Cool Ain't Cool

A lot of people abuse in daily conversations and since movies are a reflection of the society, it should be taken with a pinch of salt when actors abuse on the big screen. So, we have seen and appreciated many films in which actors use foul language when the script demands. In Veere Di Wedding, Swara Bhasker's character is brash and bold, when she abuses, it totally goes with the flow. When the other three friends abuse, it seems forced and out of place. Kareena seems the most uncomfortable giving gaalis for the heck of it. Abusing to be cool is not cool at all.

4) Kareena Kapoor Only Adds Star Value

Since the makers wanted to make an all-girl gang film, it was essential to have one big name. Apart from adding star value to this project, Kareena has nothing significant to do. Her character is so poorly written that she didn't even have scope to perform. You can see her sincere effort in the bits that she is given. Having her may have worked in favour of the project, but it definitely didn't work for her as an actor.

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5) Music That Just Sound Good

Of course, music is supposed to sound good, but when the songs are placed in a movie they better go with the flow. The numbers from popular singers like Badshah, Arijit Singh, Neha Kakkar and Sunidhi Chauhan are catchy but they pop up from nowhere. And it looks like they had bought extra songs from composers. Two songs come after the film is over. Badshah's popular one, Tareefan, comes right at the end. They clearly went overboard shopping for songs. The music has done well and has added to the buzz of the film, but it would have been nice if these songs had some place in the plot.

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