Bigg Boss 11, October 5, Written Update: Hina Khan Doesn't Like Shilpa Shinde. She Made It Obvious

Bigg Boss 11, October 5, Written Update: It seems that hina Khan is eager to take Vikas Gupta's spot in the battle against Shilpa Shinde

Bigg Boss 11, October 5, Written Update: Hina Khan Doesn't Like Shilpa Shinde. She Made It Obvious

Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde in Bigg Boss 11. (Image courtesy: @BiggBoss)

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  1. Hina Khan also joined anti-Shilpa Shinde club
  2. Vikas and Shilpa's fight went from bad to worse
  3. Sshivani Durga spooked some contestants in the house
Bigg Boss 11, October 5 episode started with the continuation of Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta's fight. Vikas alleged that Shilpa abused his mother while singing a song but Shilpa denied the claim, Actress Hina Khan sided with Vikas and asked Shilpa to aplogise. Unable to get a favorable response from Shilpa, Vikas decided to disturb her sleep by banging utensils. Hina also joined Vikas. After Vikas gave up, the housemates noticed self-styled godwoman Sshivani Durga in a spooky pose. Bandgi Kalra, Puneesh and Priyank joked that Sshivani is trying to lift Shilpa in the air by staring at her. Outside the room, Vikas and Hiten Tejwani begged Bigg boss to reconsider his decision to include Sshivani in the game.

Morning started with contestants dancing to a cheerful number, Gulabo, which soon transformed into a fight between Arshi Khan and Zubair Khan. Later Sshivani broke down because Puneesh Sharma apparently started spreading nasty rumours about Sshivani spooky act from last night.

As the day progressed, Bigg Boss re-started the luxury budget task - Gharwale vs Padosi - for which Arshi, Hina and Puneesh were selected. Shilpa Shinde was describing the task and Hina wanted to recheck the message from Bigg Boss. Shilpa got irritated and told Hina that she was asked to read the document and in case she needed clarification she should ask her to read it again. Hina said that it was a problem with her that she had to read out loud whatever instructions are given to her. An argument broke out between Hina and Shilpa with no positive outcome.

In the next segment of the show, Hina, Arsha and Puneesh started their task. Hina, who would be blindfolded, had to catch four chickens and place then inside a wooden hedge. Arshi and Puneesh had to guide Hina for the task. They completed the task well within the time limit set by padosis Lucinda Nicholas, Sabyasachi Satpathy, Luv Tyagi and Mehjabeen Siddiqui.

In the garden area, Shilpa found a new way to irritate Vikas by repeating his words and sentences. Shilpa received a call from Luv Tyagi, who requested her to make the same aloo sabzi she made on the first day. Shilpa tried to find out the name of her padosi but to no avail.

In the next task, Jyoti Kumari, Sapna Choudhary and Priyank Sharma were chosen to teach a parrot speak a line each. They each had to teach the parrot how to criticize a housemate of the choice. But they failed in the task.

Hina Khan was upset with Shilpa Shinde and Arshi Khan was making khichdi for everyone without asking anyone. Hina Khan and others decided to discuss the issue with Shilpa and Arshi but before any sense could be derived from the conversation, Zubair Khan lashed out at Arshi and called her "Rs 2 aurat" (lamentably) in a KRK-esque manner. In less than a week, Bigg Boss viewers have seen contestants make misogynistic comments, slut-shaming and getting personal with each other.

Arshi Khan created a huge scene after Zubair mistreated her. She told all men to be ashamed of themselves for not rushing to her defense when Zubair was hurling hurtful comments at her. After all the hullaballoo, Shilpa and Arshi decided not to cook again.

Before then ended, Bigg Boss summoned Hiten Tejwani, Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta in the activity area for the final segment of the Luxury Budget Task. The trio was blindfolded and they were asked to identify an animal placed before them. Shilpa backed out without trying while Hiten and Vikas guesses correctly.

Hiten, Vikas, Hina and other housemates unanimously decide that Shilpa performed the worse and she not be considered for any luxuries. Despite their fabulous efforts, housemates were bested by padosis.

But padosis have a battle of their own. They are still struggling to get their fictional backstories right. Bigg Boss has clarified that the padosis cannot enter the main house before they all create a fictional story and stick to it.

Friday is a 'bigg' day for the contestants as the first member to enter the jail will be decided tomorrow during Friday Ka Faisla.

Watch this space for more updates.

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