Bigg Boss 11, October 26: Will Hina Khan Face Gharwalo Ka Vaar Today?

Bigg Boss 11, October 26: Dhinchak Pooja will go to the kalkothri

Bigg Boss 11, October 26: Will Hina Khan Face Gharwalo Ka Vaar Today?

Hina Khan in Bigg Boss 11. (Image courtesy: Bigg Boss)

New Delhi: 


  1. Contestants will send Pooja to kalkothri
  2. Housemates will put blames on Hina Khan
  3. Arshi Khan and Akash Dadlani will provoke Pooja against Team Red
In last episode we saw that Vikas Gupta, who was a part of Team Blue, was able to convince Dhinchak Pooja to enter the cave and therefore Team Blue won the luxury budget task - Khuljaa Sim Sim - with maximum number of members outside the cave. Bigg Boss official Twitter page reported that in today's episode, Bigg Boss will ask each member of the house to nominate a contestant from Team Red (with mutual consent), whose performance was the worst in the luxury budget task. All the members of the house will take Pooja's name with a reason that she could have stayed outside the cave for a little longer. Obviously, rapper Akash Dadlani and Arshi Khan will leave no chance to provoke Pooja against Hina Khan and Team Red afterwards.

Later, you will see that Dhinchak Pooja will not at all be happy in going to the kalkothri and will face an emotional breakdown too.

Bigg Boss will also give another interesting task to the housemates, where the gherwale will put blames on each other and the housemates will clarify with what they feel is right. (remember the katghara? Yes, you will watch it in tonight's episode) Just like any other day, today too Hina Khan, who is currently the captain of the house, will face gharwalo ka vaar and the contestants will point fingers at Hina's captaincy. Also Sapna Choudhary will be the judge or sanchalak of the task. Amidst of all the chaos, blames and ugly fights, Sapna will lose her calm and will ask Puneesh Sharma to keep quiet.

Bigg Boss 11 is hosted by our favourite Salman Khan, who will take up all these issues in Friday's Weekend ka vaar episode. Till then, keep watching Bigg Boss and do not forget to see tonight's episode full of fun, entertainment and of course the fights.

Watch the drama unfold!

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