Bigg Boss 11, December 5: Baby's Day Out In The House

The housemates will compete for captaincy in 'BB Day Care' task

Bigg Boss 11, December 5: Baby's Day Out In The House

Bigg Boss 11: A still from the show. (Image courtesy: Colors )


  • The housemates will become baby sitters in today's task
  • Arshi Khan will turn violent in the game
  • Luv Tyagi and Priyank Sharma will plan their game
New Delhi: It was a sad day in the Bigg Boss house when Bandgi Kalra left. But Bigg Boss will be back with another interesting task 'BB Day Care' today. Babies, they say, are a blessing. But does that hold true within the walls of Bigg Boss 11's house? Today, the gharwale will compete for the captaincy but their fate is in someone else's hands. Bigg Boss' official page reports that Hiten Tejwani will share the rules and details of the captaincy task: There will be baby sitters ( of course the contestants) taking care of little ones as part of 'BB Day Care.' Each housemate will be given a baby-like doll to take care off for the entire day; wherein the doll will be a miniature of another contestant of the house. Complete with diapers, milk and prams, the contestants will be armed with everything that is needed to take care of the babies.

Apart from taking care of the baby, they will also have to race to a parking lot created in the lawn area and the one to reach last will get eliminated from the task; thus also discarding the person who's doll they'll be holding (interesting, isn't it?)

Things will become intense when Arshi Khan will start taking the task lightly. She will start ill-treating her doll that will feature Shilpa Shinde's face. Arshi will also reveal that she wants to be the captain of the house and will plan her game with friend Vikas Gupta aka 'mastermind' of Bigg Boss 11.

Priyank Sharma will lose the first round and will therefore become the sanchalak of 'BB Day Care.' Priyank and Luv Tyagi will indulge in game strategies.

Who do you think will be the best baby sitter in 'BB Day Care?' Keep reading this space for more updates on Bigg Boss 11.