This Article is From Jul 27, 2016

After Kabali's Success, Rajinikanth Writes Fans a Thank You Note. Read it Here

After Kabali's Success, Rajinikanth Writes Fans a Thank You Note. Read it Here

Rajinikanth in a still from Kabali.


  • Rajini signs off with 'magizhchi,' Tamil for 'Happy and thanks'
  • The letter to Rajinikanth's fans is written in Tamil
  • The superstar flew home to Chennai from USA on Sunday
New Delhi: Superstar Rajinikanth's Kabali has been destroying the box office since it released worldwide on July 22 and the actor has thanked fans in a letter currently circulating on social media. The 65-year-old actor flew home to Chennai from USA on Sunday. He spent the last two months there with daughter Aishwaryaa and was photographed at a local cinema the day before Kabali released.

The letter to his fans is written in Tamil and - because Rajinikanth is ahead of his times, as everyone knows - is dated 2017. In it, he explains that filming Kabali had left him exhausted and he spent the last two months recovering in USA. He also got medical tests done while he was there.

Here's a part of the letter's contents: "I returned to India after hearing the huge success of Kabali and witnessed it in person after coming here and am thrilled. So, heartfelt thanks the crew, director, producer, co-actors, fans, public, youth, women, media friends, theatre owners."

Rajinikanth signs off in style, writing "magizhchi," a Tamil word which translates into "Happy and thanks" in English.

Here's the letter:

This is how he was welcomed in Chennai on Sunday:

On Tuesday, Rishi Kapoor tweeted this:

This video of Rajinikanth strolling down an American street went viral over the weekend.

Kabali, in which Rajinikanth plays a Malaysia-based don, opened to full houses last Friday. The first shows in Chennai and Mumbai ran at 6 am. Tickets were reportedly sold in black at Rs 5,000.

There is some debate over how much the film has made so far. No independent figures are available but Kabali producer Kalaipuli S Thanu claimed on Saturday that box office receipts in India added upto Rs 250 crores.

Directed by Pa Ranjith, Kabali co-stars Radhika Apte, Dhanshika and Hong Kong star Winston Chao.