Delhi minimum falls to 3.9 degrees Celsius

Delhi minimum falls to 3.9 degrees Celsius
New Delhi: A bright and sunny day brought some relief to Delhiites today after an early morning chill when minimum temperature dropped to 3.9 degree Celsius, the second coldest for the season.

As the sun came out to ease away the chill and a shallow fog that had enveloped the city, the maximum temperature for the day rose to 21.3 degrees Celsius, which is normal for this time of the the season and three degrees above yesterday's 19.2 degrees Celsius, the MeT office said.

The minimum temperature was recorded at 4.6 degrees Celsius yesterday.

The reprieve from the extreme cold weather conditions is expected to continue for another day with the weather officials predicting that the temperature will be between 19 degrees Celsius and 7 degrees Celsius.

A shallow fog is expected tomorrow morning but the day is likely to witness mainly clear sky.

The piercing chill and icy winds that had persisted for the past few days eased yesterday when the maximum temperature rose to 19.2 degree Celsius, after keeping below 15 degrees for almost a week.
Low temperatures coupled with icy winds from the northern mountains had made life difficult for the people and the capital recorded at least five cold-related deaths since December 26.
The capital recorded the coldest day in the past 42 years on Sunday when the maximum temperature dropped to 11 degrees Celsius, 10 degrees below normal.
According to MeT statistics, the record for the highest maximum for the month of January was 32.5 degree Celsius recorded on January 28, 2004. The record minimum is -0.6 degree Celsius recorded on January 16, 1935.
In the last decade, only last year the minimum did not drop below five degree Celsius. In 2006, the minimum dropped to 0.2 degrees on January eight while two years later, the lowest minimum was 1.9 degrees on 2nd of the month.
The mean minimum for the month of January is 7.3 deg C while the mean maximum is 21.1 degrees.