At Delhi rally, Narendra Modi targets UPA, Sheila Dikshit

Ahead of the Delhi elections, BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi will address a rally in the national capital today.

Sep 29, 2013
16:07 (IST)

Sep 29, 2013
15:48 (IST)
Ajay Maken reacts to Narendra Modi's comments on Nawaz Sharif:

  • Modi who claims himself to be a nationalist believes a Pakistani reporter
  • He doesn't believe the Indian journalists who are present out there, but he believes a Pakistani reporter
  • This is anti-national and we condemn it
  • He has to put forth his views on everything at last even on what the Pakistani reporters have to say
Sep 29, 2013
15:41 (IST)
Narendra Modi mocks Sheila Dikshit at BJP rally in Delhi, says she has no work
A combative Modi attacked the Congress governments of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh at the Centre and Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit in Delhi, saying the election-bound state is burdened by its multiple governments.
Sep 29, 2013
15:23 (IST)
Modi slams Rahul Gandhi, accuses him of undermining PM's authority
In a scathing attack on Rahul Gandhi, Mr Modi today accused him of undermining authority of the Prime Minister and asked people to decide if the nation will be run based on the Constitution or whims of the "prince".
Sep 29, 2013
14:04 (IST)

Sep 29, 2013
12:43 (IST)
Narendra Modi addresses mega BJP rally in Delhi:

  • Dilli mein BJP ke pass Vijay hi Vijay hai (referring to leaders like VK Malhotra, Vijay Goel)
  • I am grateful for the weather gods being kind to us
  • Governments are the strength of the people but Delhi is burdened by governments.
  • Here there are governments within governments - one of the mother, one of the son
  • Then there is also a coalition government. All the political allies of UPA are running individual governments
  • Coalition governments are formed on arithmetic but run on chemistry
  • Yeh pass pass toh hain, saath saath nahin hain
  • Each UPA constituent pulls in its own direction and the country is going nowhere
  • The Delhi Chief Minister has the easiest job. All she does is gut ribbons at inaugurations. She has no responsibilities.
  • If there is a law and order problem, she blames the Centre... she passes the buck up or down.
  • The Commonwealth Games scam has robbed India of its sportsman spirit.
  • Such games are a vehicle of branding the country in the world.
  • Sports is a medium to showcase the country on a global platform
  • For example: South Korea showcased itself in the Olympic Games and it aided in the country's development and attracted global attention
  • This country has been robbed of such opportunities for the next 20 years
  • Tells slogan raising workers, the media has seen your enthusiasm... please let the people at the back listen
  • Supreme Court keeps summoning Indian government on corruption cases but the Delhi politicians, Congress and its allies are addicted like an alcoholic
  • When this govt is mired in corruption, instead of finding a solution, it stops functioning. This govt is paralysed.
  • This UPA govt is immersed in Gandhi-bhakti. This Gandhi-bhakti refers to currency notes. This government is so corrupt that you can't count the money, you have to weigh it.
  • More than 60 years after Independence, smaller countries are doing better than us. We are regressing instead of progressing
  • Youth of this country want employment but this government is unable to do so
  • The NDA government provided employment to 6 crore people in six years, and UPA between 2004-2009 has given employment to only 27 lakh people
  • People don't have electricity in this capital city
  • Even the Prime Minister's house has generators
  • Delhi government lacks disha (vision), drishti (direction) and without money files go unsigned. To achieve something one only needs intent and they don't have it.
  • All the UPA's success stories are run by the states, look at what happens to central departments like Railways
  • China has progressed both on additional railway distance as well as speed
  • Railways is under Delhi govt. In 1980, Railways covered 61,000 km and in 31 years since then, the country has only seen an additional of 3,000 km
  • Look at what happened to the aviation sector - loss of 54,000 crores in 7 years and a 30,000 crore revival package
  • Doob Maro Doob maro Delhi government
  • The PM was prostrating himself in front of Obama - marketing India's poverty. 
  • He pleaded, "I have come from India, and I am PM of a poor country."
  • He should have stood tall and said we are a young country - what a shame.
  • This poverty you speak of Mr PM, is it a state of mind? That is the way the sehzaada (prince) defined it.
  • The country is apprehensive about what the PM will say to Nawaz Sharif
  • How dare Nawaz Sharif call India's PM a village woman? India is a country of 1.2 billion people, we will never tolerate this.
  • Where does Nawaz Sharif get such audacity? The PM has no respect within his party, how will he have respect in the world?
  • His own party calls him 'nonsense';  Congress ke vice president ne PM ki pagdi uchal di hai
  • The country doubts whether you will be able to stand firm with Nawaz Sharif, because for the last few years you have seldom spoken
  • I wonder if PM will be able to ask him when will Pakistan-aided terrorism end
  • Will the PM will be able to question Mr Sharif on the Indian soldiers who are brutally killed?
  • I want to ask the UPA government: PM declared that he wanted to work under the shahzade
  • But I want to ask UPA senior leaders if they want to work in tandem with the Constitution or the shahzada?
  • The country needs a dream team in 2014, not this dirty team
  • This government has no vision - look at all the Budgets and plans, only the dates change
  • India @75, poor should be able to get food, youth should be employed
  • Every man, every village should have a dream to move forward
  • I have faith that we can do this
Sep 29, 2013
12:35 (IST)
Nitin Gadkari speaks:

  • Congress has broken all records for being corrupt
  • What kind of a political culture is this? We have been civil wherever Rahul or Sonia have gone
  • We will take everyone together, Congress is playing on fear psychosis of minorities
  • We are not against minorities, we are against terrorists
Sep 29, 2013
12:25 (IST)
  • The Congress government is trying to give new definitions to growth to malign Gujarat, says BJP's Vijay Goel
  • Mr Goel calls Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit "Dadi"
Sep 29, 2013
12:15 (IST)
Navjot Singh Sidhu (in Punjabi):

  • The old leaves have gone, a new season has arrived
  • In 2014, the government will be formed on Narendra Modi's character
  • Vijay Goel se bole Khurana, hai ram Modi ka hai zamana
  • Yeh Sarkar aur kitna giregi, Congress Munni se jyaada badnam ho gayee
  • Jisne swarg na dekha ho, woh dekhe jake Gujarat ko
  • Yeh Pradhan Mantri na sardar hai na asardar hai
  • Modi is desh ko sone ki chidiya banana chahte hain aur Manmohan Singh ise Sonia ki chidiya banana chahte hain
  • Congress aur Aam Aadmi party ka friendly match hai

Sep 29, 2013
12:03 (IST)
Narendra Modi arrives on stage at Japanese Park flanked by Nitin Gadkari on the left and Vijay Goel on the right. Also on stage, Navjot Sidhu in a pink turban.

Sep 29, 2013
12:00 (IST)
VK Malhotra:

  • Why is Punjab the only state which commemorates Bhagat Singh?
  • The government at the Centre and in Delhi are one of the most corrupt.

Sep 29, 2013
11:59 (IST)
Slogan 'Modi lao, desh bachao' raised at the rally.
Sep 29, 2013
11:56 (IST)
Sikh groups protest outside against Narendra Modi outside Gujarat Bhawan in Delhi ahead of his rally in the capital.
Sep 29, 2013
11:54 (IST)
Local BJP leaders attack Congress on corruption and ordinance 'drama' ahead of Narendra Modi's address.

Sep 29, 2013
11:52 (IST)
Narendra Modi to arrive at the venue in 15 minutes.
Sep 29, 2013
10:52 (IST)
Narendra Modi tweets:

Sep 29, 2013
10:46 (IST)

Sep 29, 2013
10:44 (IST)

Sep 29, 2013
10:39 (IST)
The embassies of 35 countries including Germany, Spain, China and Ethiopia have confirmed that their representatives will attend Mr Modi's rally. However, the representatives of embassies of the US and UK are not coming as they have some prior commitments.
Sep 29, 2013
09:56 (IST)
Ahead of Mr Modi's arrival, old speeches of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee being played at the rally venue:

Sep 29, 2013
08:43 (IST)
A look at the preparations and security at the Japanese Park in Rohini for Mr Modi's rally:

Sep 29, 2013
08:14 (IST)
The Delhi Traffic Police has issued fresh advisory for Mr Modi's rally today (Source: Delhi Traffic Police Facebook page):



The Bhartiya Janata Party is organizing a massive public rally at Japanese Park Ground, Rohini on 29.09.2013 at 1000 hours. Sh. Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat and Prime Ministerial candidate of BJP along with many senior leaders of BJP will participate in the Rally. A large gathering is expected to attend the Rally from states of Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and adjoining places.

Elaborate traffic arrangements have been made for the Rally. More than 1000 buses and 3000 passenger vehicles are expected to come for the Rally from Delhi & outside.

Use Metro

Delhi Traffic Police strongly recommend that all participants and those who wish to join the rally should avoid private vehicles and use Delhi Metro Rail till Rithala Metro Station which is very close to the venue.

Diversions for Goods Vehicles:

Due to rally, congestion is expected on the route of the rally and in Outer District from 8.00 am. Mostly from Mukarba Chowk to Peeragarhi Chowk on Outer Ring Road, from Wazirpur depo to Rithala Metro station Badli village via Bhagwan Mahavir Marg and from Punjabi Bagh Chowk to Azadpur. To reduce traffic congestion, goods vehicle will be diverted at:

 1. Shahbad Dairy
 2. Peera Garhi Chowk
 3. Wazirpur Bus Depot
 4. Mukarba Chowk

No vehicle will be allowed to park on the arterial roads in and around the venue of rally. Heavy penalty will be imposed on all such vehicles.

No buses are allowed to be halted/parked on peripheral roads of place of function

Routes for the venue of rally:

From Gurgaon:

a) National Highway-8 - Dhaula Kuan-Ring road - Naraina - Punjabi Bagh - Peeragarhi - Madhuban Chowk- Rithala Metro Station - Bus Parking
b) National Highway-8 -Outer Ring Road-Ashram Chowk- Sarai Kale Khan- Rajghat - Wazirabad Chowk - Mukarba Chowk- Badli Road - Bus Parking.
c) Mehrauli Gurgaon Road- Lado Sarai- M.B. Road- Khanpur- BRT- Ring Road- Ashram-Sarai Kale Khan- Rajghat- - Wazirabad Chowk - Mukarba Chowk- Badli Road - Bus Parking.

From Faridabad:

NH-2-Badarpur-Ashram-Ring Road-Rajghat - Wazirabad Chowk - Mukarba Chowk- Badli Road - Bus Parking.

From Noida:

a) DND Flyover- Ring road- Rajghat - - Wazirabad Chowk - Mukarba Chowk- Badli Road - Bus Parking.
b) Chilla Border-Noida Link Road-NH-24-Nizamuddin Bridge- Ring Road- Rajghat - Wazirabad Chowk - Mukarba Chowk- Badli Road - Bus Parking.

From Ghaziabad:

a) Gazipur Border- NH-24- Nizamuddin Bridge- ring road- Rajghat - Wazirabad Chowk - Mukarba Chowk- Badli Road - Bus Parking.
b) Apsara Border- G.T. Road- ISBT- ring road- Rajghat - Wazirabad Chowk - Mukarba Chowk- Badli Road - Bus Parking.
c) Loni Border/Bhopara Border- Wazirabad road- Pushta road- GT Road- ISBT- ring road- Rajghat- Wazirabad Chowk - Wazirabad Chowk - Mukarba Chowk- Badli Road - Bus Parking.

From Sonepat:
Singhu Border-NH-1 G.T. Road - Mukarba Chowk -Badli Road and enter Badli Bus Parking.

Through Dhansa Border:
Dhansa Border - Najafgarh - Nangloi - Peeragarhi - Madhu Ban Chowk - Rithala Metro Station and Badli Bus Parking.

From Bahadurgarh:
Bahadurgarh - Nizampur Border -Gherva village - Kanjhawala Chowk - Bawana - Shabad Dairy.

From Kutub Garh Border
Kutub Garh - Kanjhawala Chowk - Bawana -Shabad Dariry Bus Parking.

Buses coming from Gurgaon Dhaula Kuan Faridabad, Noida, Loni, Ghaziabad, Sonipat will be diverted in bus parking Badli.
Buses coming from Peeragarhi, Dhansa, Najafgarh, Nangloi, Bahadurgarh, will be diverted towards Madhuban Chowk then Rithala Metro station and will reach bus parking Begam Pur.
Buses coming from Bahadurgarh, Nijampur Border, Kutub Garh, Badli, Auchandi border and Narela will be diverted to Shahabad Dairy bus parking.

All spill over buses will be diverted to Shahabad dairy bus parking

All cars will be diverted into their respective car parkings.

General public and motorists are advised to avoid the places in vicinity of Japanese Park, Dr. KN Katzu Marg, Outer Ring Road from Peera Garhi flyover to Mukarba flyover. Congestion is expected in and around the venue. Vehicles coming for the rally are instructed to follow directions of Traffic Police officers posted on the routes of the rally and in the vicinity of the rally.

(Anil Shukla)
Additional CP/Traffic, Delhi
Sep 29, 2013
01:43 (IST)
For Narendra Modi's rally, Delhi Metro makes special arrangements
The Delhi Metro has made special arrangements for BJP leader Narendra Modi's rally in the capital today, as an estimated 50,000 people would be using the facility to reach the venue, officials said.
Sep 29, 2013
01:43 (IST)
Narendra Modi's big rally in Delhi: Roads to avoid
Ahead of BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi's rally in the capital on Sunday, Delhi Traffic Police issued an advisory recommending use of public transport to avoid traffic congestion.
Sep 29, 2013
01:42 (IST)
Narendra Modi to address mega rally in Delhi today; BJP expects five lakh turnout
The BJP says that it expects at least five lakh people to attend the event that is expected to begin at 10 am. It has, in fact, also sent out invites to at least 40 foreign missions, in what is being viewed as a parallel aggressive campaign for Modi-as-the-next-PM in front of an international audience.
Sep 29, 2013
01:40 (IST)
Mr Modi, who was recently anointed the BJP's prime ministerial candidate, will be addressing the 'Vikas rally' (development rally) which his party hopes will help swing its electoral fortunes in polls, due this November. The party was trounced by the Congress in the last three elections in Delhi.
Sep 29, 2013
01:40 (IST)
Narendra Modi, who just five days ago led a massive rally in Bhopal which the BJP has described as "record-breaking", is set to follow it up with another mega show in Delhi today. And his party is pulling out all stops to ensure that today's rally in the national capital is a bigger success.
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