Dengue Crisis: Full-Sleeves in School, Orders Delhi Government

Dengue Crisis: Full-Sleeves in School, Orders Delhi Government

The order will apply to all schools across the national capital. (File photo)

New Delhi: As Delhi confronts the worst dengue outbreak in five years, schools have been asked to make sure that children wear full sleeve uniforms for the next one month.

A directive by Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said today that children must be in full sleeves shirts, full pants and salwar kameez for the next one month to avoid mosquito bites.

Children should be allowed to wear full sleeves clothes of any colour, even if it is not the school uniform, the government says.

He said the parents should send their children to schools only in clothes of full sleeves and the government will ensure that the uniform colour does not create any problem to the children.  

The order will apply to all schools in Delhi, including private institutions.

The Deputy Chief Minister announced the decision after a surprise inspection of various schools in the morning.

Mr Sisodia asked the health authorities to issue challans or prosecution slips to schools where water-logged areas or mosquitoes were found.

He also directed school principals to ensure that premises are kept clean and there are no areas which are prone to mosquito breeding.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal made surprise checks at hospitals today amid anger over the death of two young boys from dengue after they were denied treatment by several hospitals.

Ten people have died of dengue and 1,800 have been affected in what doctors say is the worst outbreak of the disease that the city has seen in five years. The leaves of doctors, nurses and paramedics have been cancelled and the government has ordered 1,000 more beds in hospitals.