This Article is From Sep 03, 2013

10 quotes from Gujarat cop Vanzara's letter bomb

10 quotes from Gujarat cop Vanzara's letter bomb

Jailed Gujarat cop DG Vanzara hit out at Amit Shah and Narendra Modi in a 10-page resignation letter

Gujarat top cop DG Vanzara, in jail in a number of fake encounter cases, has written a 10-page resignation letter severely criticising former state home minister Amit Shah and making bitter remarks about Chief Minister Narendra Modi.

Here are 10 quotes from Vanzara's letter bomb:

  1. I have been maintaining my graceful silence only because of my highest respect for Narendra Modi, whom I used to adore like a god.

  2. I am sorry to say my god did not rise to the occasion under the evil influence of Amit Shah, who usurped his eyes and ears and has been successfully misguiding him by converting goats into dogs and dogs into goats for the last 12 years.

  3. The criminal negligence of this government and willful acts of omission and commission by Amit Shah towards the fate of 32 jailed officers are so nauseating that it may take this government to the cremation ground sooner or later.

  4.  Amit Shah introduced the dirty policy of use the officers and throw them by deliberately spreading disinformation about them.

  5. I categorically state that officers and men of the Crime Branch, ATS and Border Range, during the period 2002-2007, simply acted and performed their duties in compliance with a conscious policy of this government.

  6. But for the sacrifices made by me and my officers in thwarting the onslaught of initial disorder in the state, the 'Gujarat model of development' which this government is so assiduously showcasing at the national level would not have been possible.

  7. It would not be out of context to remind (Modi) that he, in the hurry of marching towards Delhi, may kindly not forget to repay the debt which he owes to jailed police officers who endowed him with the halo of Brave Chief Minister.

  8. This government, through the dirty tactics of Amit Shah, is only managing for its own self to swim and prosper in all directions while allowing police officers to sink and die a natural death.

  9. The Gujarat CID/CBI had arrested me and my officers in different encounter cases holding us to be responsible for carrying out alleged fake encounters. ...CBI investigating officers have to arrest the policy formulators also as we, being field officers, have simply implemented the conscious policy of this government which was inspiring, guiding and monitoring our actions from very close quarters.

  10. The government has been reaping very rich political dividends since last 12 years keeping the glow of encounter cases alive in Gujarat.