This Article is From May 02, 2013

10 facts about Delhi University's four-year undergraduate programmes from this year

New Delhi: For months, students, teachers and parents have been protesting against the decision to convert the under-graduate courses at Delhi University to a four-year programme.

Here is your cheat-sheet to this story:

  1. From July this year, the undergraduate programme will shift from a three-year degree programme to a four-year one.  

  2. Currently, students can enroll in either an Honours program (which allows them to specialise in a subject) or get a general BA/BSc/BCom degree in Arts, Science or Commerce.

  3. According to the new programme, students will now have to take up 11 mandatory foundation courses and two discipline courses, one being what they major in. They can get an Associate Baccalaureate (after 2 years), Baccalaureate (3 years), or a Baccalaureate with Honours (4 years). (Read Hindu's article here)

  4. The change will impact every college in Delhi University and 2.5 lakh students affiliated to the Delhi University.  

  5. Teachers across colleges say they were not consulted about the new plans or given enough time to redesign the courses.  Critics say major stake-holders were left out of a massive overhaul of the education system.  

  6. The change in curriculum has been championed by the Vice-Chancellor of the Delhi University, Dinesh Singh.  He has said that the new structure introduces a healthy interdisciplinary approach to education.

  7. In December, the Academic Council of the university, sanctioned the switch to the Four Year University Programme (FYUP).  The council has 161 members including principals of colleges and Heads of Departments. Teachers say the meeting was called with just a three-day notice.

  8. Now, students will have to complete 11 compulsory foundation courses in their first two years at college.  

  9. Critics say that the current schooling system in India (the 10+2 scheme) allows students to enter college primed to choose a specific subject or discipline.

  10. Many professors point out that the infra-structure for Delhi University, already anemic, needs to be reformed before adding an extra year to the current programme. As an example, they point out that 4,000 vacancies for teachers have yet to be filled.

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