Caught On Camera: Bengaluru Man Killed As Group Smashes His Head With Stones

Video contains disturbing visuals: Clip from last week shows a group having cornered a man on a quiet street, before they pin him and start assault

The group has three men and three women, shows the security camera footage.


In a brutal murder captured on a security camera in Bengaluru, three men and three women killed a 30-year-old man using a massive brick to smash his head.

The video clip from last Friday around midnight shows a group having cornered a man, who is sitting down, in KP Agrahara locality of the city. The group members appear to have a brief argument among themselves before one of the women picks up a massive stone while the others pin the victim down.

She hits him with the stone; then a man picks the stone up, takes aim as others hold the victim down, and smashes his head again. Then he keeps hitting him, as do others using stones, before the 1.40-minute clip ends.

Neighbours came out after hearing the victim's screams and called the cops, it is learnt. But he was declared dead at the hospital.

None of the attackers has yet been identified or arrested. The victim is said to be a resident of Badami area.

Further information was not immediately available.