This Article is From May 11, 2022

Snake Catcher Rescues 13-Foot-Long King Cobra In Andhra Pradesh

The snake had entered a palm oil plantation in Andhra Pradesh from where it was rescued.

Snake Catcher Rescues 13-Foot-Long King Cobra In Andhra Pradesh

The snake was put into a gunny bag and carried away.

On Sunday, a snake catcher rescued a 13-foot king cobra from an Andhra Pradesh palm oil plantation. A farmer discovered the snake and immediately contacted Venkatesh, the snake catcher, who rescued the reptile.

According to a tweet by DD News Andhra, the snake had entered the farmer's palm oil plantation near Ghat Road on Sunday. The news channel tweeted a photo of the snake catcher with the huge reptile.

A subsequent tweet adds that the farmer provided information over the phone to the snake catcher, Venkatesh, a member of the Eastern Ghats Wildlife Society. Soon, Venkatesh reached the spot and caught the king cobra. Then, he, put the snake into a gunny bag and carried the reptile away.

One user was glad that the reptile was rescued, not killed out of fear.

In a similar incident a couple of months ago, an official of the forest department in Kerala's Thiruvananthapuram district rescued a cobra. The rescue operation at a house by the official, Roshini GS, was caught on camera. In the footage, the official appears calm and collected as she catches the snake with a rescue hook and a bag. She starts by grabbing the snake by the tail. As the snake turns to face the official, she waits a few moments before reversing the snake's hood and placing it in front of a black bag. The snake slithers into the bag. Then she then ties the bag and walks away.

In another incident last year, a man was seen using a novel method to rescue a cobra that was hiding inside a scooter. A video shows him capturing the snake with a huge water container. The snake lifts its hood in a defensive display while emerging from the scooter. As it strikes the snake catcher, he is forced to retreat fast to avoid being bitten. With a water container, the man approaches the snake once more. After several attempts, he finally manages to persuade the snake into the container. He shuts it once the snake is completely inside to prevent it from escaping.