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  • Aam Ras

    Aam Ras

    The fruit of the summer shines its way into your glass. A lovely blend of mango pulp, lime juice and spices.

  • Rum Punch

    Rum Punch

    Pineapple, lemon and peach juice come together along with a dash of rum to stir up one of the most tantalizing cocktails.

  • Algerienne Fish

    Algerienne Fish

    Algerienne fish is a tangy French recipe. Fish fillets are marinated in lemon juice, baked and topped with a freshly made tomato sauce.

  • Cold Tomato Juice

    Cold Tomato Juice

    Feel like drinking healthy? Try this refreshing juice made with juicy tomatoes, mint, cucumber and curd.

  • Mango Squash

    Mango Squash

    An easy to make, delicious mango drink that will please one and all. Sip on the ecstatic taste of mango nectar coupled with lemon juice and sugar.

  • International Raw Food Day: What to Eat on a Raw Food Diet

    International Raw Food Day: What to Eat on a Raw Food Diet

    The international raw food day is commemorated every year on 11th July. As the name suggests, the day attempts at spreading awareness about the benefits of raw food consumption and also celebrating its long term advantages over our health. The 21st century has seen a rapid increase in the trend of f...

  • Prawn Pollichathu

    Prawn Pollichathu

    Experience the authentic flavours of Malabari seafood seeped into juicy prawns. Prawns are marinated in spices and lime juice, cooked in an array of masalas, herbs and coconut milk.

  • Hot Fruit Punch

    Hot Fruit Punch

    Stir up this soul soothing drink made with fruit juice and warm ingredients like cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and jaggery. This will keep you cozy on those chilly days.

  • Baked Fish with White Sauce

    Baked Fish with White Sauce

    Tender fish fillets smeared in a simple marinade of lime juice and salt, seared golden and bathed in a creamy sauce. Baked this lovely to a lip-smacking perfection.

  • Healthy Holidays: Savouring a Raw Juice Camp in Portugal

    Healthy Holidays: Savouring a Raw Juice Camp in Portugal

    Overweight and newly single, our writer visits the Algarve and pins his hopes on a different kind of drinking holidayI never thought I'd drink a cabbage. But here I am, sitting in a sun-cooked garden on the Algarve with a green moustache and an empty pint glass. When I flew to Portugal for this seve...

  • Is fruit juice bad for your health?

    Is fruit juice bad for your health?

    Whether you've been hit by the much sought after juicing fad or like lapping up those fresh blends for the love of fruit, this new research will certainly get your eyes rolling.Researchers from the British government's 'National Diet and Nutrition Survey' suggest limiting your fruit juice consumptio...

  • Punjabi Machchi

    Punjabi Machchi

    Here's a simple fish recipe zinged into a Punjabi avatar! Fish fillets coated in garlic, red chilli, mint paste with a dash of chillies, lemon juice, amchur, garam masala and cooked to perfection.

  • Tart cherry juice may help you sleep better

    Tart cherry juice may help you sleep better

    Drinking a glass of tart or sour cherry juice in the morning and the evening can help older insomniacs sleep better and also stay safe, a new study suggests. Drinking Montmorency tart cherry (grown mostly in the US, Canada and France) juice twice a day for two weeks helped increase sleep time by nea...

  • Fruity Sausages

    Fruity Sausages

    Sliced sausages stir fried with onion rings, drizzled with apple juice, topped with fresh mint leaves and grapes. A good depart from the usual!

  • Pina Colada Prawns

    Pina Colada Prawns

    These peppy pina colada prawns can get any party started! Prawns are marinated in pineapple juice, lime & mild spices and bathed in a creamy-coconut sauce.

  • Quinoa Lentil Salad

    Quinoa Lentil Salad

    A healthy salad made with superfoods like quinoa, asparagus, lentils and pomegranate. Drizzle some tangy mosambi juice and mustard dressing to balance the flavours.

  • Ginger Litchi Lemonade

    Ginger Litchi Lemonade

    A refreshing summer cooler made with lime, lychee juice and gingery kick.

  • Chilled Watermelon and Beet Soup

    Chilled Watermelon and Beet Soup

    A fresh and fruity soup made with watermelon, beetroot, orange juice and cream. Serve chilled on a summery day!

  • Quick Noodles with 'Whatever'

    Quick Noodles with 'Whatever'

    Noodles tossed with veggies, lemon juice, peanuts and seasoned to perfection.

  • The Juice Diet: Should you or should you not?

    The Juice Diet: Should you or should you not?

    Some might call it an influential wind from the west. To them, I'd like to introduce the juice corners that popularly sit in almost every Indian market that I have grown up with. If you've had a chance to glance at their menu you'd know that during winter months, most of them sell juiced up greens. ...